Bobster the papie from Murcia

Meet the old grandpa who is so mignon both Etienne and I cannot.

Still trying to get used to the new lifestyle, which includes:

  • No more sleeping in past 8am, lest we want to see pee puddles in the apartment (or just for his general wellbeing and loneliness, you know)
  • Leaving the apartment at least 4 times a day, as opposed to 0 times sometimes
  • Planning our weekend activities around him
  • Budgeting for food, toys, doggy day care
  • A lot of cannot-ing

He’s been here almost 3 weeks and has been perfect in every way except that he barks at dogs that are bigger than him i.e. the majority of dogs in the neighborhood. I’m sad because he’s supposed to bring me more dog friends, not to repel them!


The importance of vacances

Camping // hiking // waterfall // tent // strong winds // Toulouse // Lourdes // Asian food restos // photos // rocks // heat // streams // icy water // canicule // lake // floatie // new swimsuit // tan lines // sunscreen // sand hanitizer // masks // moisturizer // phone charging // papier cul // kilomètres // kilograms // cap // mosquitoes // supermarket // Lidl // Citroën // Art Deco // shopping // ice cream // bol renversé // sha momos // hotel quatre étoiles // aligot // llamas // cows // sheep // cable cars // sea of clouds // coffee // baguette // brioche // peaches // sardines // grapes // tommes des Pyrénées // Pyrénées // WELL RESTED

I’m loving it, padapapapapaaa

Will resume typing in full sentences in the next post.


Ordinary days, ordinary quitoque meals

In the blink of an eye, it’s July. Which means that half of 2020 has passed… which also means I have less than 3 months of being in my twenties… I need quickly to set up a list of random challenges to do before I turn 30! 

Life has been pretty ぼちぼち bochibochi or 平凡 pingfan or ordinary, but tomorrow and the day after will be 2 extraordinary days for me! Perhaps I will do an update here.

Here are what went into E and my tummies in the past couple of weeks. I think Quitoque has partnerships with many Italian cheese producers, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Spaghetti with stewed tomatoes, burrata, and spicy oil


Eggplant and mozarella rolls with bulgur


Salmon salad with mustard vinaigrette


Pesto and mozarella chicken


Marinated beef and nectarine rice bowl. Nope, I didn’t add the nectarine. It’s too weird!