cookie dejavu

teehee! my third post in an hour. hahahah we promised our bible study group that if our cookies worked out we would bake it for them so we did it again tonight! 🙂 this time we put tea leaves in it and it tasted soooooooo good although a bit sweet i think yummmmmmmmms
and this is hyejin dozing off while waiting for the cookies haha she has no idea i took this picture

Tokyo dome city

hye jin decided to grab breakfast first before we left and guess what i discovered!:

look closer.

GASP! haahhaha it was pretty good for 100 yen too!! haha boo halal mcdonalds

ladies and gentlemen this is tokyo dome!!! its where all the biggest baseball matches are held and i believe big concerts? hahaha

next to a shopping mall and it was SOO HIGH. like o.o i was too scared but ill bring king and friends when they come so i will have one month to prepare myself mentally haha

and the roller coaster goes through a hole in the building!! how cool

when we got closer, we found out that it was a full fledged theme park! right in the middle of busy tokyo

with a shopping centre

hyun ji and i were chickens ahahhaa this is us waiting while hye jin and another korean friend went on the ride lol they said it was really fun though !! now i *kinda* cant wait to go haha

this really cute bakery/cafe called moomin bakery. i dono WHERE i heard that name before but im very sure ive heard it somewhere. ahha and u know they have random life sized moomin soft toys sitting at random tables in the cafe. SO CUTE but i was too scared to take a picture with the waitresses standing there haha PS moomin is the hippo

imperial colonel sanders

then at night we went back to tanashi (where my dorm is) to have some indian dinner with some of the korean guys from the dorm. KOREANS again. i might as well be in korea haha hye jin was like “raj like sheldon raj??” haha

pictures of the naan we ordered. it was good and cheap! 🙂 and their curry still didn taste like home:( it was still sweet like jap curry but still yummy=)

unicorns > big bears

yeah my poor big bears. haha we arrived at the stadium kinda late cos we were really lost, so we missed the kickoff or whatever u call the start of a rugby match. so we were like -.- at first and HUH? WHATS HAPPENING? WHERES THE BALL? but halfway during the second quarter we started to get the game and got really into it and starting shouting and cheering like crazy even though i think nobody could hear us cos we didnt buy those knocking things cos we were too kiamsiap haha

outside of the stadium. so big. haha we were rushing so the pictures senget

big bears banner! BBB

waseda fans. u see the black dots on the tracks? those are cheerleaders. sorry my camera memang overexposure to the max

the other side were the keio fans (poor them they had to face the sun haha)

hut hut

my fringe was CRAZY!! cos i slept with it pinned up and i overslept as usual no time to blowwwww

naked guy fans with WASEDA painted on their backs

waseda was leading at first 😦

thats why i went out and bought the shirt between 3rd and last quarter but they LOST during the last quarter. it was SOOO CLOSE 😦
sigh. wasted my money. hahaha but at least i have something to wear for the baseball game next month haha and its my favourite color! 🙂


one week holssssss starting NOW!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. happy happy:) but jas has exams in two days and cj has so many assignments due this week haha so i will not rub it in

today was a GOOD day!!!!!!1 easy peasy and short classes, finished half my report 😀 and had an international students party !! free food and new friends! 😀 haha yay yay yay. thank you God for answering my prayers 🙂

it’s so weird that my roommate came in while i was pooping, turned on her com, turned on her music and left again. haha her musics still on. kpop. and did u know that there’re MANY MANY many more kpop bands besides superjunior or wondergirls (because those are the only ones i know haha) and theyre all hot and dancey its so fun to watch them haha beebs im being immersed in ur culture!! or half ur culture haha. its so funny that im learning more about korea than japanese haha

rugby match tmr! 🙂 our rubgy team is called the Waseda Big Bears and theyre playing against keio (which i found out is even older than waseda :O 150th anniversary last year whereas ours was like 125th anniversary a few years ago shucks) yah you’ll NEVER guess what keio’s rugby team is called you’ll NEVER GUESS.

they’re called..

wait for it…

wait for it….


unicorns. O.o


had bible study at the nice lady’s house again:) day view this time! haha

she served us a crazy awesome lunch. ive realised that japs’ appetites are quite big

my fried rice done with the indonesian nasi goreng sauce from amelia 🙂

pancakes! except they call it hotcakes. (hotto kehki)

my dinner tonight. 2 fish fillets which were labelled 98 yen with fine print “per piece” but they were in boxes of 2 so i thought it was like a discount since it was so late dy but NO i paid 196 yen for it-.- hahaha super kiam siap

i could only answer 2/5 questions for my test today haha… kinda depressed and feel my PMS coming. i really wanna make friends with english speaking japs (those who stayed a few years overseas) because in that way i can truly express myself and practise my japanese too haha. and maybe get them to teach me maths. lol even though i say i can speak chinese, when i talk to a real chinese im like ???? can u speak in japanes please haha. fail laaaaaaa haha like today i seriously didn know who to turn to when i had questions bout math 😦

im so full. came back from school at 9-.- went out and shopped for dinner just finished eating bout half an hour ago. OH! hye jin has free tickets to the rugby game between waseda and rival keio!! excited!! missed my regatta but im definitely not missing this! 😀

thurs onwards i have one week public hols! in japan its showa day ( lateemperors birthday), greenery day, constitution memorial day, children’s day and the weekend so they put one more occasional holiday to make it a whole week haha but i still have to do my experiment report and catch up on my ????? maths and dynamics

i should be studying smart not studying hard

haha yeahhhhhhh i watched online tv again. note to self NO STUDYING IN FRONT OF AN ON-ED COM (running com? working com? help me out haha) AND I AM SOH SOH SCARED AND SCRWED FOR TMRS EXAM. (actually its only a small test) AND I HAVE 5 periods straight tmr. thats 7.5 hours of lecture. ill probably fall asleep again during the third lesson. haha its sorta like my midday nap 🙂

btw we had some orientation thing today with the ppl in my course, and when i introduced myself, i said, oh im still very new to japan and the culture so please help me. except i didnt say it right becasue in japanese there’s a specific word for HELP ME as in SAVE MY LIFE kinda help me and i used that arrrrrrrrgh guess i really need help

u know how they say asian students are so shy they don speak up in class? like when the teacher asks a question no one will put up their hands? its SOOO SOO evident here in japan lol. my english teacher was asking for the correct word to fill in the blank and crik crik for 20 seconds then someone went and used the electronic dictionary’s computer girl’s voice to answer.

computer girl: “retrospect” (retrospect was the answer)

then my teacher said : that student hasnt marked her attendance


hoh shit

why arent my free 72 minutes on tv shack running out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its already 8 and i have 10 more DIFFULT PAGES TO STUDY SHIT STUPID INTERNET STUPID COM STUPID PROCRASTINATING MIND.

panic panic.

and to think this is just a small test. imagine me during the real exams. fml