HIIII so yeah I’ve decided to start a blog!! hahaha i’m quite surprised at myself actually, I ain’t the blog typa person, but i figured this would be an easy way to share with EVERYONE (oh man, realistically EVERYONE in the world) bout my journeys in this land called tokyo (or some of u like to call it sushi land or kawaii land or lala land) hahaaaaaaaaa

im not really gonna care about my grammar/vocab/typos/un-poetisticness because this is the only way ill ever keep up with blogging. if i had to deal with all those ill probably take too long to write out a post and ultimately ill just give up and itll be another one of the dead blogs haha so yeahhhhh this is my way of typing from now till forever!! hope u guys are ok with it.

so from now on this page is gonna serve as my ranting outlet because if i dont i will burst internally haha. this place right now is just toooooo strange and im seriously homesick atm.


shoots i wanted to kickstart the launching of this new blog with a video louis sent me but apparently its been taken down from the website how sad!! louis if ure reading this why ah??? its a vid called japan:the strange country. haha its really funny cos its true. but too bad now nobody can watch it anymore unless u undersantd japanese cos the jap version is still up.

im gonna be uploading pictures soon. but till now all my pictures in tokyo are really sucky cos im not the picture taking kind if im not around friends, u know what i mean? like ill feel shy to take pictures when im alone. and friends are scarce these days. hahahaaaaaaaaa 😦

i promise there will be more updates!

PS ok im so happy im actually doing this!


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