the name is “sakura doughnut” i actually ate the sakura flower u see the pink layu part there? haha it tasted pickled. apparently they deep fry sakura flowers too :O i mean what is there to deep fry!??!
this picture is meant to make cj jealous beacuse hes been eating wantanmee and nasi lemak infront of me, yeah that is unagi

thats the famous black egg stall! and on the way down we saw black pau and black ramen-.-

So we took 3 LONG LONG super LONG and cold hours to get to this place called hakone, which is a volcano place with sulphur hot springs around it and the main attraction is their sulphur egg which they cook inside these hot springs so they turn out black. they taste SLIGHTLY different from a normal egg but overall nothing much to shout about la haha. but hap and I both had egg flavoured ice cream! 😀 quite niceeeeee

i didnt take many pictures because hap’s brother + his friend BOTH have dslr-s (ey vana apparently the equipment here super cheap u can order from me haha when my finances are settled la now a bit tight lol)

the ticket there and back costs 5000 yen but they OH SO NICELY paid for my trip :D:D:D:D:D crazy right??? like just randomly get a free holiday haha. but actually ive been there before like 4/5 years ago when i was on tour with my family. i want to compare pictures but my old pictures are back home in kl:( oh well

so 3 hours up, bought some baked sweet potatoes cos they looked so awesome in the cold, ran up, snapped photos, ate the eggs, came down, had egg ice cream, went for lunch (by this time we were super full) then guess what? THREE HOURS down again. haha then after that we had dinner in shinjuku back at the same fish head place we went to last week. which is pretty good i think i might consider bringing king and friends there when they come over in june. haha so my “homework” to look for a nice place to eat settled dy >D

hap and co are leaving tmr morning:( man ill feel so lonely again!!!!!!! haha. my roommate is happening but i dono whether shes only happening with her korean gang or happening with the rest of the dorm chilling out in the atrium without me. she didnt invite me!! haha not like i need an invitation but…….. okla next time when she says shes going somewhere ill invite myself HAHA shes actulaly really cute and nice ill put up a picture of her (once i GET a picture of her) hahahha


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