Experiment #5: French Toast

Okay since I’m so bored because I have no life (YET) I’m gonna blog about my fifth attempt to cook for myself in Japan.


Didn’t turn out that bad!! and i did it quite quickly cos the kitchen was kinda full and i was under pressure to cook faster so that even if i did screw up no one would catch me. heheh even one of my friends said it was oishii!! 😀 she said “oh its so soft, like a pillow?” hahaha shes an english speaking korean. Oh thank God for english speaking koreans on my floor. haha!!
I had that with a piece of chicken i bought from the supermarket haha.

Classes start tmr. I’ll haveeeeeee cereal in the morning (because I have to because my milk expires tmr lol) and go for my class!! DAMN NERVOUS LA!! and i cant afford books now so ill only be bringing my test pad and pencilbox?? hahah. stress stress. tonight must turn in early man. who knows what japs will do to me if i’m late.
actually i was late twice before. during orientation HAHA. but that was just 5 mins and they were still taking attendance. once was for my department ENTRANCE CEREMONY. it was CRAZY because all of the students were in suits and seated so straight in the room, i think close to 1k ppl in the hall all facing me when i walked in. i was stunned at first when i saw from outside but luckily there were other latecomers too:D so we walked in together PHEW
so ya! maybe ill blog more about my classes tmr. hopefully it wont be a stressful/crying post.

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