Japanese CF

Yesterday I got invited by two very nice looking girls (no makeup, all natural ie RARE jap girls) to a Waseda bible study group and I said yes. First I was a bit apprehensive because i heard many stories about Japan’s weird cults and sengeted teachings. Then today those two girls took me to the main campus cos the meeting place is near there, and when they started walking AWAY from the campus i was like ???? where are we going?? i kept asking hahahhaha really scared ok then we walked to this small alley LUCKILY there was really a waseda building there haha. scared me.

turns out the ppl were REALLY NICE!! u know how hospitable the japanese are? these ppl were even MORE hospitable because they were christians haha and THERE WAS TONS OF FREE FOOD :O all super oishi. oishikatta for past tense. haha 🙂

this is some orange peel coated in sugar. thumbs up thumbs up!

this is some cool sushi. can u see the sakura tree??

we sang worship songs in japanese :O (amazing grace in japanese u know!haha) then there was a short explanation of the gospel then eating time!! haha. and fellowshipping la.

the best part was, after that when i had to leave to the station (walking) one lady asked if i wanted a ride in her CAR. hello i’ve nvr been in a car in tokyo before! haha so after much insisting, i relented. and she was like, oh before that i need to stop by my house, and we went to her house, and oh man it was like a hotel. on the 26th floor atop TOKYO the VIEW was AMAZING. her windows were HUGE so it was double amazing, and i couldnt help but wonder WHOA how rich is this woman. hahahha sorry la, but it was really impressive! then i got a ride to the station. haha. my first car ride in tokyo! 🙂


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