SO COLD SO COLD TODAY HOW CAN IT BE? IT WAS SO WARM YESTERDAY!! stupid rained the whole day and apparently its raining again tmr!!! arfffffffffffff

i’ll tell u why it was a bad day. i was late for class (bout 5 mins) cos i woke up late but insisted on having cheese toast:) haha comfort foods are only for mornings! 🙂 so i was late for english class, class was alright, we had a round of introductions and there were some japs who actually stayed abroad in LA, NYC, london, austria (how cool is that?!) for like 8 years or sth so their english was even better than mine haha super humbling experience.

then my second class got cancelled -.- DONO WHY so stupid when eveyone walked in then we saw someone had written on the board “class cancelled” i wanted ot take a picture of it but shy. haha. so i was like OH GREAT what am i gonna do now for 5 hrs, as my next lesson was at 6.15.

so i decided to go home first. *DET* bad decision!! i only realised it when i was halfway walking to the station. IN THE RAIN. IN THE COLD. IN THE STUPID WIND WHICH BLEW MY UMBRELLA TILL IT BROKE. my umbrella was inverted!! right in the middle of the street! grrrrr

but it was nice to chill back at home, cooked rice:D HAPPY!! and overate. and watched an episode of bbtheory and was OFF AGAIN. IN THE RAIN. IN THE COLD. IN THE WIND. and my math class was just disgusting. remember what i said bout my last math class, my ?????????????? math class, yeah this was the continuation. i procrastinated the whole week and didnt study my text book so there i was, feeling so lost and my cantonese friend keeps telling me its ok just read the text book, etcetc

my unrotated soysauce chicken and mushrooms

sitting there while the teacher scribbles and mumbles (at too fast a speed) about formulas and limits, i was just dazed and started to question myself, “why am i in engineering school?? i am SOO not the engineering type. even when i was doing my time table, the class i was most excited for was spanish 😦 my real ambition’s to be an interpreter!!” sigh sigh sigh but its too late now. i was actually telling cantonese friend that i wanna change my major and he said, oh even then u have to wait till september and ull have to take some exams bla bla bla”

and itll probably cost me a bomb i think.

i dono, all my life, ppl have made my decisions for me, and finally when i got to choose what i wanted to study in uni, i go and make this BAD BAD CHOICE. sigh. what am i gonna do?? i am so confused. seriously, im not afraid to change courses (if its ok with family) but i guess first ill just see how the other classes go. cannot let one STUPID ????????? math class get me down.

and guess what, ive got another lesson tmr -.-

i seriously have to take a look at the text book now. if not ill be depressed again tmr.

on the other hand,this cheered me up! :


One thought on “BAD DAY & BAD DECISIONS”

  1. wow sheng! i feel so excited for you reading your blog! (: life sounds fun! not the easy fun fun, but the challenging fun! and i think you're coping great there! ehh, and honestly, don't worry la bout your subjects.. i freaking didn't study for two WHOLE terms, completely lost in math, stats, econs AND accounting class (ie ALL my subjects) but now i'm paying the price for it )): yeah just don't be like me and wait till the very end! haha, if not i'm sure you'll do fine, like you always have (: miss yooouuuuu xx


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