Funny Tale and Embarrassing Conversations

haha hye jin told us a real funny story today. earlier, she was going down the escalator in school, and beside the escalator there’re stairs, and this guy was walking down the stairs. it rained the whole day today (yeah extra cold-.-) so everything was pretty slippery cos ppl bring their wet umbrellas in etc etc and this guy, walking down the stairs slipped, and slid down the stairs and went IN BETWEEN A GIRL’S LEGS. i seriously cant imagine how it was but apparently thats what really happened lol. then the best part was, some guys who were walking beside them saw, and shouted “YABAI!” which means “THAT’S WILD!” or sth HAHA

and do you know there’s a club in waseda that has its members give food to stray cats around the area haha they call themselves wase-neko ie wase-cat. HAHA good ahhhh these japanese

and during my time here ive actually experienced some really funny/shy convos with japs cos i still cant really catch them when they speak really fast or when they use slang and ill mistake their meanings, cos they don use pronouns that much when they refer to themselves. like, instead of saying i ate rice, theyll say “ate rice”

some malu incidents so far:

Guy: Oh so you’re from Malaysia…
Me: Yeah, who do you come from?

(during orientation in my department, where lotsa seniors from all these clubs were trying to lure in new members and handing out flyers)
Dormmate: Did you see any flyers about the photography club?
Me: Oh, no I didn’t want to see it. I’m not interested in photography.

Classmate: I’m taking Chinese lessons.
Me: No, Im not taking Chinese but I’m Malaysian so i can already speak some chinese.
Classmate: No I mean me.

haiya cant really remember. i really wanted to write a post about this cos i thought itd be funny but when i type it out its not funny anymore -.-

haha fail

3 thoughts on “Funny Tale and Embarrassing Conversations”

  1. LOL!!!!! ahhahahaha yeah wei i'm trying lol as quietly as possible cos my friend's teaching me some mathy stuff over skype.. and he's busy reading stuff and here i am reading your blog lol


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