some famous shop with a LOOOOOOONG queue i dono why

HJ and strawberry crepe

ST with banana crepe!

cream XO

snow!! pathetic shot cos i took this at like5 something. haha i was rushing like crazy in the morning, nearly late for class so i didnt get to take a slightly thicker version of snow. hahahaha but im still excited:) the koreans were like WHAT? YOU WANNA TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT?! haha

my dinner tonight! not bad eh my food presentation nowadays? haha the piece of salmon was only 75 yen! bout 3 bucks! 🙂 i only pan fried it a bit haha jealous or not @teng?!

korean soy milk

today i went to harajuku after class with HJ and HJ. LOL THEIR INITIALS ARE THE SAME and same as huijuin too:):) hehe

harajuku was quite fun, with cute shops with cute and random things, i wanna go back there again when i have money/won’t feel guilty when i spend haha. its so near anyway, like a few stations away from the station where i get off at for uni. i only bought biore pore pack hahaha and bubble tea (SUCKS compared the taiwanese ORI bubble tea. actually kinda sucks compared to malaysian FAKe ones too, not sweet enough la and damn lil for 380 yen ie 15 bucks?!) and i had a crepe. AWESOME STUFF reminded me of my RBS pancakes up in camerons!!!!!!!!! 😀 but there was too much whipped cream in it, after i finishde it i was super jelaked -.- burp


2 thoughts on “Harajuku”

  1. SALMON!!!! Omgodddddesssss. Haha eh it's so ridiculous for me to have a little kitchen equipped well with utensils and cook book but NO TIME!! Darn. I need to take time out to cook too. Stuck with productions till this Sunday and I'll be free after that! YO~~~!


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