my sister will say this is picture is “OVEREXPOSURE TO THE MAX” SORRY la im just an amateur ok haha

this post is about last weekend. i woke up late and missed the regatta match between waseda and rival uni KEIO btw i don even know who won but i don really care haha. was supposed to wake up at 7.30 and take multiple trains so i was superrrrrrr lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy so takjadi. haha
but the weather was good! so korean friends and i decided to go to the park. they ddint go for the hanami last week so i was excited to show them the HUGENESS of the park! 🙂

good weather. sorry la for my lousy camera skills but u know what effect im trying to achieve right. use ur imagination haha.

tulips ablooming! 🙂


takoyaki! only 300 yen! 😀

my dinner at night. the same vege and the same salmon haha:)

my bottled kimchi and a korean hand. hahahha

oh and on monday we had a spaghetti party on my floor! 🙂

a taiwanese girl, jean, made a MACHA cake !! oishii!!!

can u see the red bean base

the red beans floated on this one
yums! (ed)

4 thoughts on “Outdoorsy”

  1. oh yay comments! haha vans cos i got no life (YET) (haiyo still “yet”) and ur posts have wayyyy more depth than mine haha don let it die!!!

    su dont u think msian bakeries suck compared to those overseas?!


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