ok few pictures from the past few days

my very colourful yakisoba meal. haha really working on my presentation now:)
i had like 3 hrs to kill before going for netball with the british school of tokyo so i read up on my experiment for tmr in the studying room and at 4.30 i followed a poster to this event in the main campus. its like some showcase of japanese traditional activites. the first was some musical performance by the “chikuyukai” some traditional instruments. not my kinda thing i was kinda -.- in the middle of the performance already haha. and it says on the information sheet that one of the instruments were originally made from cat’s skin, but due to its high cost in production, fake skin/dog skin were also used. what, dog skin is cheaper than cat skin???? haha
next was some random storytelling thing by the kyogen kenkyukai. kyogen in chinese literally means crazy talk. and i think it was suppoed to be a funny show but nobody laughed. boo. cos we were all foreigners haha. most of us.

last but not least was the most happening one. this group called the getappers. they tap dance in clogs. hahahhaha pretty awesome the girls looked SUPER HAPPY when they danced haha almost cheerleaderlike

i ponteng-ed one class this morning. because i wokeup at 8.15 and my class was at 9 lol. and we need to leave an hour before to be able to reach on time, and i was abit sick of going in class late so i was like, maaaaaaaaaaaaa its okay. ahhahahah its ENGLISH anyway. but i think she takes attendance so no more pontenging from now on.
saboli means ponteng. i found out that today 3 of my other friends pontenged class too. haha what issit about today?! my roommate pontenged ALL 3 lessons even though it wasw at 1 oclock. when i left for my 1 oclock class i tried waking her up and she was like mmmm


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