oh darling i wish you were here

vanilla twilight! OUR anthem @don evana! hahah:) i mean me and cj’s not me and vanas. heheheh i dono whether this song makes me happy or emo. but i love it:) hehe came here with a new laptop and without an ipod (ok actually i do have my sister’s ANCIENT ipod shuffle haha but lazy to upload la) so i don have many songs to listen to. then i realised cj downloaded limewire for me so ims tarting to download songs now! guess which artist’s song i searched for first: TAYLOR SWIFT! teeheeeeeeeeee

i larf it. and the internet speed here damn fast 😀

so yeah i was doing laundry this afternoon (cos i got no class hehe) and playing vanilla twilight over and over again hahahahha thats why it got stuck in my head hence the title

the time is now 2.30. ive gotta go to the bank to pay bills/city hall to collect my ALIENcard -.-/post office to start ANOTHER bank account to get my monthly scholarship money. and i have to be back by 5 cos there’s some lecture thing going on the in the atrium at my dorm at 5.30. theres always these educational programmes at my dorm and they really encourage us to go for them, and if u go, u sorta get CREDITS (like in uni) so in a year u must fulfill a certain number of credits to be able to, err i dono? haha they cant evict us or anything cos got contract right. but i dono la but they really encourage us to go so i go la:) hahaha can make new friends also

as many times as i blink, ill think of uuuuuuuuuu tonight:)

there will probbaly be food pictures soon! haha @jas


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