had bible study at the nice lady’s house again:) day view this time! haha

she served us a crazy awesome lunch. ive realised that japs’ appetites are quite big

my fried rice done with the indonesian nasi goreng sauce from amelia 🙂

pancakes! except they call it hotcakes. (hotto kehki)

my dinner tonight. 2 fish fillets which were labelled 98 yen with fine print “per piece” but they were in boxes of 2 so i thought it was like a discount since it was so late dy but NO i paid 196 yen for it-.- hahaha super kiam siap

i could only answer 2/5 questions for my test today haha… kinda depressed and feel my PMS coming. i really wanna make friends with english speaking japs (those who stayed a few years overseas) because in that way i can truly express myself and practise my japanese too haha. and maybe get them to teach me maths. lol even though i say i can speak chinese, when i talk to a real chinese im like ???? can u speak in japanes please haha. fail laaaaaaa haha like today i seriously didn know who to turn to when i had questions bout math 😦

im so full. came back from school at 9-.- went out and shopped for dinner just finished eating bout half an hour ago. OH! hye jin has free tickets to the rugby game between waseda and rival keio!! excited!! missed my regatta but im definitely not missing this! 😀

thurs onwards i have one week public hols! in japan its showa day ( lateemperors birthday), greenery day, constitution memorial day, children’s day and the weekend so they put one more occasional holiday to make it a whole week haha but i still have to do my experiment report and catch up on my ????? maths and dynamics

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