one week holssssss starting NOW!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. happy happy:) but jas has exams in two days and cj has so many assignments due this week haha so i will not rub it in

today was a GOOD day!!!!!!1 easy peasy and short classes, finished half my report 😀 and had an international students party !! free food and new friends! 😀 haha yay yay yay. thank you God for answering my prayers 🙂

it’s so weird that my roommate came in while i was pooping, turned on her com, turned on her music and left again. haha her musics still on. kpop. and did u know that there’re MANY MANY many more kpop bands besides superjunior or wondergirls (because those are the only ones i know haha) and theyre all hot and dancey its so fun to watch them haha beebs im being immersed in ur culture!! or half ur culture haha. its so funny that im learning more about korea than japanese haha

rugby match tmr! 🙂 our rubgy team is called the Waseda Big Bears and theyre playing against keio (which i found out is even older than waseda :O 150th anniversary last year whereas ours was like 125th anniversary a few years ago shucks) yah you’ll NEVER guess what keio’s rugby team is called you’ll NEVER GUESS.

they’re called..

wait for it…

wait for it….


unicorns. O.o

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