Tokyo dome city

hye jin decided to grab breakfast first before we left and guess what i discovered!:

look closer.

GASP! haahhaha it was pretty good for 100 yen too!! haha boo halal mcdonalds

ladies and gentlemen this is tokyo dome!!! its where all the biggest baseball matches are held and i believe big concerts? hahaha

next to a shopping mall and it was SOO HIGH. like o.o i was too scared but ill bring king and friends when they come so i will have one month to prepare myself mentally haha

and the roller coaster goes through a hole in the building!! how cool

when we got closer, we found out that it was a full fledged theme park! right in the middle of busy tokyo

with a shopping centre

hyun ji and i were chickens ahahhaa this is us waiting while hye jin and another korean friend went on the ride lol they said it was really fun though !! now i *kinda* cant wait to go haha

this really cute bakery/cafe called moomin bakery. i dono WHERE i heard that name before but im very sure ive heard it somewhere. ahha and u know they have random life sized moomin soft toys sitting at random tables in the cafe. SO CUTE but i was too scared to take a picture with the waitresses standing there haha PS moomin is the hippo

imperial colonel sanders

then at night we went back to tanashi (where my dorm is) to have some indian dinner with some of the korean guys from the dorm. KOREANS again. i might as well be in korea haha hye jin was like “raj like sheldon raj??” haha

pictures of the naan we ordered. it was good and cheap! 🙂 and their curry still didn taste like home:( it was still sweet like jap curry but still yummy=)

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