unicorns > big bears

yeah my poor big bears. haha we arrived at the stadium kinda late cos we were really lost, so we missed the kickoff or whatever u call the start of a rugby match. so we were like -.- at first and HUH? WHATS HAPPENING? WHERES THE BALL? but halfway during the second quarter we started to get the game and got really into it and starting shouting and cheering like crazy even though i think nobody could hear us cos we didnt buy those knocking things cos we were too kiamsiap haha

outside of the stadium. so big. haha we were rushing so the pictures senget

big bears banner! BBB

waseda fans. u see the black dots on the tracks? those are cheerleaders. sorry my camera memang overexposure to the max

the other side were the keio fans (poor them they had to face the sun haha)

hut hut

my fringe was CRAZY!! cos i slept with it pinned up and i overslept as usual no time to blowwwww

naked guy fans with WASEDA painted on their backs

waseda was leading at first 😦

thats why i went out and bought the shirt between 3rd and last quarter but they LOST during the last quarter. it was SOOO CLOSE 😦
sigh. wasted my money. hahaha but at least i have something to wear for the baseball game next month haha and its my favourite color! 🙂

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