what im made of

yeah somore recent food pictures:) hahahha
cos im so proud of them!

my minced pork on steamed tofu! pretty yummy u know
fried chicken i had at the baseball game yesterday which cost me 500 yen but it was quite nice

hyunji’s food debut on my blog haha this was her dinner, mushrooms and bacon

my milk spaghetti which tasted a lot like carbonara!! but with zero cream

everything fried rice

Waseda VS Keio Lacrosse

it was SO AWESOME. lacrosse is just too cool la. especially for guys cos its so fast and exciting! and hot!! especially if he has a longer stick. i realise how inappropriate that sounds. hahahhaha

girls’ game. wasnt that exciting so hyunji and i decided to go to a coffeehouse and come back later for the guys match HAHA

below are some videos of the game and a guys cheerleading team called SHOCKERS who were really cute in an enthu way. haha really really good fun and worht my time AS COMPARED TO THE BASEBALL GAME I WENT TO TODAY -____- WAIT IM GONNA BLOG ABOUT IT SOON ENOUGH

and waseda won the guys match so it made it double awesome:)


To go or not to go, that is the question

HAIYO remmeber the baseball match ive been talking about for the past few posts, today we found out that we have to assemble at 6.45 in the morning and the match is at 1 in the afternoon. im like ?!??!?!?!??! cos apparently this waseda vs keio spring baseball game is like HUUUUUUUUGE and the stadium will be full and we wont be able to get seats if were not kiasu. haiyooooooooo

but i think im going la. experience it once at least.

and theres a 5050 chance of raining :(:(

This post is about a future post

AIYA i dono why no time to blognowadays. actually its not that i have no time but when i come home, i will automatically on the com, go to tvshack and turn on friends, and play minesweeper while watching friends. SERIOUSLY. when i should be studying. i don think this dorm is a conducive place to study haha com, friends, FOOD. ill have use the libraries soon. im dreading the exam period when the libraries will be FULL of students sighhhhhhh at least now its just mid terms so not so crazy. BUT REALLY MY MATH TEST IS IN 5 days. minus sat for baseball match so 4 DAYS WAHLAOWEH. how now brown crow. BROWN CROW?!??!

so today i went to this 菓子パン研究会 club meeting (directly translated to PASTRY SNACK RESEARCH CLUB LAWHL) because hyun ji and i just love jap assortment of pastry so much we decided to join hahhahah it was so funny when we saw it on the directory we couldnt believe ourselves.

met up in the cafeteria, and i stupidly went and tapau-ed a bento set before going for a “BUNS” research club hahaha when we met up with the group of them all of them were eating buns. hahahha so funny. then the guy in charge gave us one bun each (which were REALLY YUMMY BTW) but i had to eat my bento set cos i thought i could keep the bun for later tonight. then when hyunji was eating hers, the guy told her she had to write a review about it after she was done. quite cool right!??!? so every week they meet up and eat buns and write reviews and upload it onto the blog. hahahha i honestly think its cool u know. cos i wanna know which are the BEST and HEALTHIEST buns out there:D

yah yah about the title of this post, im just gonna tell u guys imma post a long one about the lacrose game i went to last sunday!! it was awesome although we had to sit under the rain the whole day and i caught a cold after!!

coming soon!


today is the second time in less than 2 months that im skipping class weeeeeeeeee I didnt mean to do it on purpose though:( woke up slightly late and was gonna be 10 mins late for class but ithought that was still ok but when i reached the station i realised i didnt bring my wallet therefore no train pass and no money to buy train ticket and im only going for one lesson so if i went back to get my wallet id only be going for 30-45mins of class -.- so i was contemplating in the end i decided to SABOLI (ponteng) and texted my friend to help me take attendance (the tricks of the trade of uni) but then she told me they were doing calculations today so theres stuff to hand in SHUCKS HAIYO but its too late la. kinda bad start of the day haha.

and it was so hot!! 29 degrees!! phew


My blog needs some colour:)

kinda failed steam egg because it turned out too watery and blanched vegetables

yaki udon! 🙂 with my cute sunny side up

french toast with skippy in between!!

kimchi udon! bee are u proud of me? 🙂 hahahhaha but actually i just used bottled kimchi hahah

THIS LOOKS SO YUMMY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sean wong’s recipe 🙂 but the taste was just so-so -.-
PS ive improved so much right! 😀

Experiment No5

NUMBER 5 ARLEADY! still remember when i did my first experiment (the crazy vitamin C) as though it was yesterday teehee and its really getting easier! (or maybe ive grown braver haha probably the latter)

todays one was condenser (capacitor) and we had to set up our own condenser, tweak the frequency, then tune into some radio stations around the area!! when we did it (a YATTA moment like hiro nakamura, wait is his name nakamura? the heroes guy) we were like :O so cool!! hahaha and our class finished pretty fast too, compared to previous weeks haha thats why im here typing this now in the lounge like a loser lol haiyoooo hahaha

nothing much happening lately, hence the pictureless posts (oh actually i do have outdated food pictures)but im thinking, hey maybe i actually have a life now since i don blog as much LOL

oh maths mid term on 31st may *#&$&*(^!@(*&# and im going for the waseda VS keio baseball match on the 29th HELP. HAVE TO NERD THESE 2 weeks LAAAAAAA but im seriously the epitome of procrastination (epitomi, epitom wtv the pronunciation is haha) AND i havent been able to go for frisbee becuase tues (overslept for 4 hours haha) and today (rain). next week i guesssssssss