FOOD PICTURES from my GOLDEN (bum) week

nowadays i hardly blog with words haha just pictures but pictures are fun right!! i know u like pictures

korean souvenir from hyun ji’s mum who came to visit. HOORAH

flower tea:)

hyunji’s souvenir from shinjuku? hahahah cheesecake!

yakisoba for hyunjis “welcome back party” hahaha actually its because both hye jin and i have yakisoba which will expire tmr

my baked potatoes!! 🙂 with tuna mayo

my very very successful banana pancakes 😀 i used premix la but still! i mashed in the bananas ok!

doria? is that how u spell it? but thats how u pronounce it in japanese. haha some cheesy rice dish. had it at denny’s with kathryn (ibt friend) whos in animation school :O

SO CUTE RIGHT> its called COW ROLL and CUB ROLL haha they’re swiss rolls

free taiyaki! 🙂 its like kuih baulu with filling

my very healthy vegetable fried rice

gratin (sp?) lunch @ bible study

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