Little Miss Late strikes again

TODAY WAS SUCH AN EMBARRASSING DAY lol. ok ive only got one first period class every week ie class starts at 9 (but i have to leave at 8 means waking up at 7) every wednesday which means TODAY and for the past few weeks id always somehow end up going into class late. ok it was partly my fault but MOSTLY the stupid train’s fault. theyre suppposed to reach takadanobaba (school station) in 20 minutes but ON WEDS MORNINGS THEY JUST DONT. THEY TAKE LIKE 30-35 MINS whywhy? arent they supposed to be more efficient in the morning cos everyones going to work and stuff??

so yah i was late again today -.- BECUASE OF THE TRAIN (disclaimer disclaimer) i even have a “late slip” from the train company(will post pic of it later at home, ops i mean dorm)

oh yeha before that i thought i wasnt gonna be late because this week id been having a perfect record (wakng up early and even ENJOYING breakfast in the morning before going off) so i pandai pandai went and wore the Little Miss Late shirt cj gave me. cos i figured i was always late for this class so itll be funny and not embarrassing and stating the obvious because i WONT be late today. but ikinda left my dorm a lil bit late but i COULDVE STLL MADE IT ON TIME IF THE TRAIN DIDNT MOVE AS SLOW AS A CATERPILLAR -.- dono why the rest of the tokyo-ites arent as pissed off as me. or maybe they are but they just don show it because theyre you know, japanese. haha

so i go into class (english) and my teacher was like OH LOOK AT THAT LITTLE MISS LATE! and SHENG IS LATE TODAY! hahahahaha (her laughing not me) but NOBODY ELSE IN TEH CLASS LAUGHED becuase u know, theyre japanese. cause they didnt really get it i think. and she went on to ask me “did somebody give that shirt toyou? do u feel ashamed wearing it??” im like yeah, and no cos i didnt plan to be late today. and she just laughed. shes really nice actualy but it was just such an X face moment. like an X( moment.

so after class i told her i will try my best to not be late again and she just smiled LOL haha

and thats my embarrassing day. i mean morning. ok gonna run off now to take the shuttle bus to main campus to collect some meal discount coupons HAHA



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