SHYTES I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE MID TERM EXAMS (my chinese friend said “umm terminal test?” she meant mid term test hence the title) starting from june 7th. WAT DA. I DIDNT KNOW I THOUGHT WE ONLY HAVE ONE EXAM right before the summer hols and thats in mid july. WHY OH WHY. hyejins birthday is on the 5th and were supposed to go for yakiniku buffet or karaoke or sth grr and kingyi and co are coming end of may too aiyoyo

i feel so sad that im not in any clubs yet. today some seniors asked us what clubs (they call them circles here) we’re in and im like, oh no im not in anything. 😦 feel like a nobody haha i wanna be ACTIVE!! i wanna be able to fill out the WASEDA AWARDS SCHEME hahaha ok ijust made that up. but u know like CAS i wanna be able to fill out 7/8 categories! hahaha but because of one important category (ACADEMIC) i dare not even THINK about other activities just yet. haha soon la soooooooooooooon

we had surveying class just now (i don really know whether its surveying in english but thats what the google translator said) anyway its like a measuring class, measuring height and angles and stuff… so today during practical we had to stand under the hot sun and STRONG OH VERY STRONG wind for 2 whole hours measuring and making sure the air bubble is inside the circle in the machine to make sure its completely horizontal etc etc its sorta like posing cos we were split into teams of three and one person will survey while the other 2 hold HUGE RULER LOOKING POLES for the surveying person to read. then we rotate. i thought it was so fun at first so much better than sitting in a boring classroom but after a while it got sien and the wind was seriously annoying. and the best part was, after the two whole hours my team’s calclations were off by 30 mm and my teacher wasnt too happy. he said we’l most probably have to redo it one saturday. ??? BECAUSE OF THREE CENTIMETRES?! welllllllllllll im getting a taste of uni i guess. back in high school what did 3 cm matter?? hahahaha soooo uncool.-.-


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