NO KIT KAT during my break

because i already had a GIANT chocolate danish from the combini (japanese pronunciation of abbreviated `convenience store`)

im posting because im taking a break from writing my stupid nylon report. i cant believe im skipping the last netball session till september for this. haiyo. but nvm

frisbee is getting scary because i keep skipping practices. haha actually there was no practice today but we were supposed to meet up to talk about strategies but im like GIMME A BREAK (but no kitkat) because i don even understand half of what theyre talking about. and i haven texted my captain yet. *guilty face

guilty guilty!! im now stoning in the computer lab. the guy beside me is napping. and his phone keeps vibrating

one more day till july. which means one more month till i go home! actually im not that homesick anymore. im not really DYING to go back its like id rather EVERYONE ELSE come over here hahahaha


WAH im sooooooooo sunburnt from frisbee today. cos it was a whole day practice at this HUGEEEEEE field near the river where there were rugby teams, a few frisbee teams, and lacrosse (slurp!) guys practising and ive always wondered why japanese like to wear long sleeves and tights inside their jerseys NOW I KNOW WHY: TO AVOID THOSE UGLY TANLINES. MY TANLINES ARE SO UGLY NOW IM DAMN MALU TO EVEN WEAR SLEEVELESS AND SHORTS NOW (BUT ITS SUMMER T__T) because i frigging wore 3 quarter tights so now theres a line right across my shin. and my sunburnt isn even a golden brown its liks ROASTED LOBSTER RED not to mention my neck area too. so now i look like im wearing imaginary socks if i wear shorts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pissing me off!! i shouldve put on some sunblock :(:(:(:( honestly i don think ive been so sunburnt since games carnival x years ago

but anyway, i learnt that frisbee is really all about strategy and communication with each other, and up till now i haven really understood what these japs are telling me haha seriously they tell me a lot of stuff and i just nod. they are such *theory* ppl. so now im just gonna read up on frisbee tactics and maybe sorta SELF STUDY iT (hardcore heh) because i really wanna get better at it. and im the only noob in the team because all the other freshmen joined from april, and today was just my third practice -.-

shopping list:
spike shoes
more sports attire (i wore my pajama pants today HAHA)

so tired now just came back from all u can eat italian food with all the girls from my major (20 out of 94 which is considered quite a big ratio of girls compared to other majors). im still struggling to like some of them. haha sorry but i think its just cultural differences etc. but honestly, if i were in msia, and say theres a foreigner in my class, i think i would really try and make conversation with him/her and make him/her feel welcome (wouldnt u WOUDLNT YOU?!) but sigh, things are just different here. but ive gotta say some of them are quite nice! 🙂 just some. haha

ok ive gotta go nurse my lobster skin haha aiyo i don even have aloe vera.


nande means why.

NANDE i feel jiggly all over!?????????? nande watashi wa jigglypuff?!

haha it really sucks when u feel jiggly and hungry at the same time, which is what im feeling right now urghhhhhhhhhhhhh but noh choice. not enough self control so must eat soon haha furthermore its HYUNJI JANGS birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which means baking time! 😀 and shinokubo this weekend for korean food! 😀 more awesome “possum” and yumyum chicken!!

keekee this week jiggly also nvm. hahahha (wow msian english alert)


wah i thought frisbee was gonna be fun @ng yew eng and @louis yap!! but WHAT IS UPPP??? (barney stinson tone) with all the stacking and strategies man. im like LETS JUST PLAY ITS JUST A GAME COME ON but i had to follow the stack and stuff and i can die. of annoyance

but im giving it another chance because of said new motivation. and beacuse i miraculously passed my math test on monday (hiphiphurrah!)

Happier Images

Enough about blood and calculus. hahhaa im gonna show u how im IMMERSING myself in jap culture keke NO IM NOT LALA if i am sos ur face haha

this was so fun !! three of us went for this interview for a job as a camp facilitator for some english summer camp. we had to prepare a 1 min long cultural performance, i did a dikir barat thing because its the easiest haha and hyunji did some korean kids song but since her interviewer was also korean he asked her to do the nobody dance!!! LOL and she actually practised the night before because she was considering making it her cultural performance. HAHHA her interviewer so cool cooler than mine.
anyway the results come out this wednesday i am super KINCHEO (nervous)

its getting really hot over here-.-

vomit blood

u know how ppl say they do stuff until they vomit blood? haha no i didnt vomit blood but i had nose bleed TWICE!!!! while doing integration.

once was in my room. and another time was today in the middle of a BAKERY lol i was damn shocked luckily i had tissue and luckily it wasn that lebat.

see how stressful my life is X(

(haha actually no la im ok-happy nowadays cos of new motivation- read previous post)