Baseball Game desu

ok im too lazy to arrange the pictures haha. soooooo on the 29th of may i went to waseda VS keio baseball match and waseda was SUPPOSED TO WIN becuase their odds was the highest (lowest?) dono la but statistically they were supposed to win. but they lost. hahhaa but apparently the next day they had another match (same match waseda vs keio dono why they play twice) they won!! so they had to have a deciding match the NEXT day which was monday 31st and i thought waseda would give us a holiday but NO tarak holiday. and they lost again. how sad right. so now theyre second in the tokyo university league.

because im too lazy to arrange the pictures ill just type according to the pictures’ order la ok? hahha okok the first three are pictures (i found online) of the waseda baseball MVP right now 4th year student in department of education (same as my roomate! but apparently he doesn attend clases cos too big shot and too into baseball) and he has a nickname = handkerchief prince because hes this damn awesome pitcher and he got famous throughout japan during his high school days, and everytime he pitches he will wipe his face with a handkerchief. hahaha this is Saito Yuki. i was quite excited to see him but he was SO FAR AWAY and my eyesight was so bad i couoldnt see his face-.-

from here on are MY pictures! 🙂

koreans from fourth floor! 🙂 theyre really nice and friendly. sen the girl on the left reminds me of u!! 🙂 hahhaa shes really funny.

guy cheerleader showing us how to wave the towels (which i didnt buy because it cost 500 yen hahahaha kiamsiap sorry) this pics during the practice session. as in the spectators practising to cheer

my friends from 3rd floor! i dono if they actulaly mind if their pictures are up online but… 😀

picture of the stadiumn filling up

pictures of the players coming out

THATS HANKAJI OUJI (handkerchief prince!) the guy throwing the ball

hes the guy with the yellow glove!! 🙂
hahaha so about the game………..errrrrrrrrr…….. i cant say i enjoyed myself hahahaha because i was seriously caught offguard by the constant cheering of the spectators. and EVERYTIME its out turn to bat we have to stand up. YES WE DO. its like no choice because the ppl in front would stand up and if u don u cant see nuts. i was SO TIRED. the songs went on and on and on and there would be special cheers where we shout the name of the palyer whos batting like (something something something some melody SAITO! clap clap clap SAITO! clap clap SAITO clap SAIIIIIIIIIITO!) or like clap clap SUGIYAMA clap clap SUGIYAMA i was like -.- there can we please concentrate on the game not to mention i was straining my neck the whole time because the girl in front of me was so tall-.- ARGH but the game itself was -.- because at the end of the day the score was 2-1 so many empty innings waseda was always SO CLOSE to scoring a point then they would change. and theyre so efficient when they change the players really run it reminded me of the WII baseball game Hhahaha
but in hindsight, i think it was a really good experience, very uniquely japanese. (unless the ppl in the states scream and shout and break out into songNONSTOP when watching baseball? i dono) haha

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