hye jin’s birthday!

it was hye jins birthday last saturday she turns 19 STILL ILLEGAL IN JAPAN hahahha cos apparently in korea shes 19 +1 because when ure born ure considered 1 year old. then when she come over here shes underaged hahahha and it pisses her off cos she cant buy beer

on the way to shinokubo for korean food we saw this dog on our walk to the station haha

hyun ji went to say hello so cute right the dog is like saying hi back!

and i went to pose

THIS IS SOH YUMMY its called posam or sth but i remember it as possum. its basically steamed pork and u eat it wrapped in cabbage/radish and kimchi

BUT THIS IS STILL THE BEST. its called yangnyum chicken. but i call it yumyum chicken because its so tyum yum.

hyejins friend baked her a chocolate cake it was really nice! with a brownie-ish texture:)

then we went for karaoke for a few hours, the song selections here are much better than neway i think haha!! they even had vanilla twilight and i sang it emoing alone while they all watched hahahahahah and they sang so many kpop songs BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE

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