tonight im off to english camp in nasu!! i don even know where nasu is haha!! and i haven prepared my dikir barat performance for my team oh no my teams gonna suck big time sorry kids. lollollllllllllllllll

be back next tuesday!



SO IT TURNS OUT THAT NEXT TERM THERE’LL BE A NEW GIRL ENGINEERING STUDENT ENTERING THE DORM!!!!!! 😀 and shes entering the english engineering course !!!! so she can speak english !!! YES LA YES LA

kinda sad that im gonna be a sorta “senior” already though:(

haha but yay!!!



yup, for calculus.

its not confirmed, but well yeah its kinda confirmed if u look at the numbers. 47(well i dono the exact marks but i think so la based on my test today) out of 100 and the passing mark is 60. SIGH SIGH can everybody please pray for my lecturer to be super lenient as to pass me even though im 13 marks away. 😦 😦 i only skipped 2 lectures:( 😦 out of like 25 or more lectures. and i really really tried and im really really tired (tried and tired) but ive got 3 papers tmr (luckily linear algebra teacher is SUPER LENIENT that im basically not learning anything) but yeah. life.

gambarou! (its the first person form of gambatte as in the person itself will gambatteh but instead of gambatte u say gambarou)