just came back from my church’s family camp today, and i feel so rejuvenated spiritually 🙂 realised that i haven been living a life pleasing to God for the past few months and this camp really made me remember the feeling of having a purpose in life. and this is so timely because id been feeling sooooooooo lazy at home with my butt glued to the couch everyday (getting fatter too despite my desperation to fit into my jeans again haha) and really just watching the hours pass -______-

and im so thankful that our God is a faithful God who will never leave us:) prodigal’s son much. haha

on another note, i have about one more month left in kl and i really need a plan.

first on the to do list – SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY yikes

most fun ive had in a long time

title sentence describes my english camp experience the past weekend!!!!!!!! was really so much funner than i expected and the kids were sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!! haven been so tired from being hyper/laughing for a long time now. will post up pictures soon! my blogs been pretty monotonous lately huh. haha

tmrs a busy busy day. last day in tokyo!! bittersweetnya