stupid tangent formula!!!!! IKILL U!! >O

btw tvshack is shut down again -_______- jas do u have another alternative link haah!!

bored in the computer lab = jumbled up thoughts

im so bored in the computer lab. i didnt bring my earphones so i cant even watch some random tv shows while waiting for hyunji to finish class then were going for yf together. BORINGGGGGGG

makkis here but she looks busy

i have another hour!?!?! maybe i should study or do some homework. okok la ill do my jap homework.

somehow i feel like my blog has an extreme lack of intelligent material hahahha no talk whatsoever on current issues or smart political things or sth hahhaa sorry. the only recent news i heard was bout the friction between the two koreas, and i really have nothing to say about it except pray for hyunjis bro whos in the army. and that north koreans are really just weird. haha

aiyo im so pissed off that i didn go for the tanashi event last night argggggghhhhh 😦 sounds so fun and アメリアの最後の思い出だし =( lol maybe not but shes moving out next termmmm!!!!! and if both hyunji and hyejin are going abroad, itll just be MEEEEEE and HEE AAAA here lonelinessssssss :(:(:( and yeah because of geoinformatics mid terms i decided to skip the event but TURNS OUT THE TEST WAS JUST MEH. EVERYBODY was referring to their notes LOL. カンニング放題???ok i better not say anything else anymore in case some waseda faculty reads this blog HAHA.

calculus mid terms next tuesday. GULP. free flow yakiniku after!!!??! (maybe keke)

recently i planned a trip to shinokubo to have msian food with my jap and chinese friends so after class we were all so excited (esp me duh) took a 15 min walk, and when we reached MAHATHIR RESTAURANT we found out it was closed. CLOSED DOWN. nande nande NANDE stupiddddddd in the end we had cafe food which was like triple the price of what we would pay for a meal on a wednesday afternoon in between classes but since we walked all the way there already we HAD to eat there right? and besides, we were starving.

im also quite hungry now. i wonder if its curry rice again tonight at church?:)

some frisbee event again tmr. SCARED OF MY SENIOR BECUASE I SKIPPE PRAC AGAIN (whats new, nothings new, thats why) hahahhaha BUT im kinda looking forward to it i guess. what, the competition was only last week? felt damn long ago. haha

ok MAYBE jap homework nowwwwwwww. another 50 mins more -___- bosannya


wooo louis is on my chatbox!! hahaha can somebody teach me how to remove the stupid sexy girls who like my blog and want me to check theirs out ie spam.

and anyway, to answer your question loo GAIA CUP over the weekend was AWESOME! ie 最高!not really in the mood to write in detail but here are a few highlights:

– 銭湯。ie PUBLIC BATH AMAGASH it totally didnt register that id have to take a shower at the public bath even though its a DUH thing if you don stay in a business hotel (we stayed in a nice cosy inn place). so ummm it was a kinda disturbing yet liberating experience HAHA i cant really describe it without sounding crude so i wont. hahahah anyway when u visit japan, go to one of the countless public baths which cost like 700 yen on average and you’ll understand what i mean

-FRISBEE ITSELF. wahhhhhhhh 50 mins!? and 3 girls must be in the court at all times and there were only 5 of us. they must be SOOOO exhausted for the last 2 matches cos i came back early today for another job interview. granted, i still suck but it was soooooo fun!! cos we usually play all girls matches and this time it was mixed so the disk actually advanced smoothly and at a faster pace hahhaha and not to mention EYE CANDIES TO THE MAX. FAT EYES AGAIN WOOOOOOOO

-飲み会 roughly translated to drinking party. which is a very common thing in japan haha ppl like to get drunk because they cant really communicate well when theyre sober. thats what my sempai said lol. so instead of communication they call it NOMUnication. beacuse NOMU means drink. the first round was ok only laaaa towards the end i was feeling really sleepy. then when i was getting ready to sleep my very nice sempai whos FRIGGING FUNNY came and invited me to their “private” drinking party in their room. lol i was like aiyaaaaaaaa ok laaaaaaa so i went and IT WAS THE FUNNIEST EXPERIENCE EVER. LOL i haven laughed so hard in a while. these japanese are CRAZY. one of them got super emotional all of a sudden HAHHAHA sorry cannot help laughing and there was this american guy anthony and i dono HWY they just like to pick on him because hes balding HAHAHHAH sorry again cannot help laughing again and hes like the butt of everyones jokes (like when he took off his shirt during practice the japs were like “EY PLEASE CONSIDER THE SEASON RIGHT NOW” ie its already autumn so its supposed to be cold) aiya damn funnyyyyyyyyy anyway bottom line i really really like nomunication. hahahhaha and im very grateful for this sempai who coincidentaly LOOKS A BIT LIKE CJ!! hahhaha butno worries he has a girlfriend and theyre damn lovey dovey its funny

so anyway, in conclusion, maybe getting up for morning practices will be easier from now on 🙂

okokokokok gotta go prepare for my japanese mid terms tmr and quickly sleep cos i only had 6 hrs of sleep for the last 2days


今年の春はどこに行こうか?where should we go this spring?
今年の夏はどこに行こうか?where should we go this summer?
春の桜も夏の海も be it sakura in spring or oceans in the summer
あなたと見たい、あなたといたい i wanna watch it with you, i wanna be with you

今年の秋はどこに行こうか?where should we go this autumn?
今年の冬はどこに行こうか?where should we go this winter?
秋の紅葉も冬の雪も be it autumn’s maple leaves or snowy winter days
あなたと見たい、あなたといたい i wanna watch it with you, i wanna be with you


sweet lyrics stuck with me from another random karaoke session haha.

cheesy laaaaaaaaaaaa:)