seriously, who cares about RC circuits and the time it takes for the capcitors to increase and drop in voltage!? YARRRrr i mean yes its important for the electrically engineering student obviously but do i look like an electrical engineering student HUH DO I!? DO I?! (pfft neither do i look like a civ eng student OR basically any engineering student for that matter hahhahaha ZANNEN)

but i think engineering students are so cool btw (the real ones la haha) and u meet quite a lot of them in overpopulated waseda in overpopulated tokyo. sometimes im just in awe of their smartness (smartness?) or brilliance like, being able to write linear differential equations from scratch and look at some complicated looking mathematical equations and say “NARUHODO!” (I SEE in jap) with excitement on their faces when all im thinking is ?????? -__- -___- ??????help.



waseda festival tmr! 🙂 thats why im forcing myself to finish this stupid lab report tonight so that i can enjoy myself and also leave some time to prepare for my calculus presentation this monday. HECK i have to prove something using the blackboard in front of everyone SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT PANIC but nvm nvm nvm nvm leave it for sunday

GAR calculus.

back to report. been stuck since an hour ago haha …………………………………………………………………

on a lighter note i went for a fun (and very random) karaoke session with 小林 today haha i didnt know 2 ppl karaoke could be so much fun?? and he was singing themes from anime like DIGIMON and POKEMON!? hahhahahah i was like LOL all the way

and i also cant sleep so early tonight because i ate a lot of snacks. DIET FAIL TO THE MAX THESE FEW DAYS somore festival tmr. amelia if ure reading this HOWWWWWWW!??!? 頑張らなきゃ!!!

miss mr ng. mana diA?!


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