waseda sai

its not the sai from pangsai. hahahah
it means festival! where all the circles in waseda put up booths around campus and sell food and have performances and stuff

the festival itself was MAA MAA (only alright) i wished the food was cheaper haha but what to dooooooooooo but i still ate alot 😛 a good experience for enjoying the WASEDA spirit haha and the weather was so good!! but i hate crowds so i got tired easily so we escaped to RIKOTEN (they had something in the engineering campus in conjunction with the sai) and there were SOO lil ppl there compared to main campus hahahhaah guess ppl arent really interested in science. there were only a few random families around with kids and old ppl hahhah i wonder why?! so weird. but it WAS kinda boring. and confusing cos we started the day with a big group but we ended up splitting becuase it was impossible to walk around as a group in the sea of ppl in waseda campus. so throughout the second part of the day we had to arrange where to meet up and how to meet up and who is with who (because we hosted IPAN haha)

the fun continued when we adjourned to shinokubo for dinner (WALKING DISTANCE FROM RIKO CAMPUS!? i didnt know!??!) and i had YUM YUM CHICKEN WAHLIAO OISHII frigging awesome and delicious. hahahha then we went KARAOKE again. KARAOKE 2nd time in 2 days ahaha SOOO japaneze.

quite lazy to upload pictures but. soon la. AIYA REPORT. tmr la. ull prob see pics tmr cos ill prob be procrastinating and upload pics then HAHA

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