deathly hallows

so i went to watch harry potter today! in shinjuku! first movie experience in tokyo hehe. let me share with u a few differences between watching a movie in kl compared to tokyo

-THEYRE REALLY QUIET seriously those of you who watched the movie will know there were quite some LOL moments throughout the somewhat dark show which reminded me abit of twilight-__- even though i didnt even finish watching twilight haha but especially the scene where they were running in the woods away from the “snatchers”?? twilight much. anyway yeah japs were really quiet maybe they didnt get it or something. was nice though, but i felt really noisy hahhaha jas remember when we watched THE OTHERS!? they asked us to shut up!!! hahhaha

-the subtitles were in japanese. hahahah as hyunji pointed out, mrs weasley’s”oh, my boy” was translated into 大変which kinda means dreadful or awful mmmm maybe thats still ok but you know when hermiones *spirit* was talking to ron she said “compared to harrry youre nothing” but the subtitles said “あなたはガスだよ” ie, you’re gas. LOL

-when the movie was over, NOBODY MOVED unlike back in kl where everyone leaves once the credits START rolling. but over here they stay till the end of the credits!! haha!! so respectful of the movie ah? hahaha we were like, huh why isnt anyone moving. and they didn turn on the lights. and mind you it was still PIN DROP SILENCE. hahaha so we stayed till the names for BEST BOY ASSISTANTS or something along that line and we couldnt bear it anymore so we “sumimasen-ed” our way out of the cinema.

-there were alotta old ppl watching harry potter too. like aunties uncles. quite different from the scene back in kl i think?

-u can bring outside food. BUBBLE TEAAAAAAA too bad i finished it before entering

and its azrul’s birthday today! i was like 4th of december hmmmmmmmmmm rings a bell!! but what bell i couldnt remember. but good old facebook came to the rescue. seriously facebook is kinda ruining the REAL social life. with these birthday reminder thingys u cant really know who ur real friends are hahaha but IM A REAL FRIEND ok im just a forgetful real friend. 🙂

SIGH. structural mechanics mid terms next tues (SKED) and air hockey physics presentation on thurs (DREADING but EXCITED at the same time) lab partner oh lab partner can u slow down ur japanese cos i don understand u……. the first time we talked i asked him to repeat what he said 4 times and i still couldnt catch what he was saying lOl failll so ive just been nodding and smiling. time to sharpen my ears till they look like dobby’s


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