which alley?

had a super sims moment at maxvalue (supermarket) today cos they just finished renovating it so some of the groceries are arranged differently now. now i know how my sims feel when i move the furnitures around. was walking around hunting for oatmeal i think i walked past one shop assistant like 5 times with a searching face. hahaha in the end when i gave up i saw it in the bread section. -_-

so i got my results for my calculus test on monday. STUPID TANGENT FORMULA>( garrr made me lose like 5 marks making me 1 mark below average BANG FIST

and structural mechanics was today. STUPID ANGLE FORMULA. hahaha actually it wasnt really a formula but i was supposesd to divide a certain angle by two but i didnt ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG ARF ARF @()*$#)@%()@! but nvm la i think i did quite well. much better than my 7/30 last term at least. AHAHHA confidence UP

cj is sick:( and his birthday is coming! 🙂


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