slept for 12 hours after not sleeping for 36. -____-

i think i dreamt that i got shot. hahaha

anyway. two things i learnt from my weekend.
1) PARTIES ARE FUN as long as u don end up falling asleep in the karaoke room and having to walk home in the morning in the freezing cold

2) DON GO FOR ANOTHER JAPANESE MEETING because they are so long winded and discuss the most irrelevant things. and they think too much imo lol. i mean, honestly 5 hours!??! and it also doesn help when you feel like the whole team hates you for skipping practices. X( and i was starving

back to my despohsewives 😀 gotta finish up my stupid exp report tonight weii i wanna enjoy my winter vacation wee!! :):):) places i MUST GO: ROPPONGi, ODAIBA, KICHIJOJI and MOREE theres actually a frisbee bonenkai tonight but after last night, i REALLY don feel like going. so im not. haha

note to self: last 3 days gambatte!

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