i cant believe its nearly christmas 🙂 i just uploaded pics from my digicam and pictures make me lazy to blog so ill just caption them hehe

pictures in reverse chronological order: speaking of chronology i just watched memento wah christopher nolan u like to give ppl headaches lol it was as baffling as inception

just came back from malaysian night @ 錦糸町 with Amelia and HyunJi. was pretty fun but i was kinda hoping for nicer food 😦 hahaha no nasi lemak. it was nasi ayam with a puny piece of chicken. but there was SO much to go around i had a sceond helping of cake AHHAHA やばいやばい

krispy kreme @ shinjuku. seasonal specials! 🙂 snowy cranberry and some toffee nut thing

lol random girls じゃま!!

lonely but contented:)

my milk soup spaghetti with my favourite half boiled egg!! actually this was more like one third boiled egg

final party of year 2010 with the whole gang:)

salmon and stir fried mushroom vege with rice

a masquerade party where NOBODY wore masks. lol

some random monsters @ shinjuku. they were promoting some movie or some otaku game haha
no offence

hee ahs birthday exactly a month ago!!:) we had little steam cakes in a cup.

frisbee tourney @ fuji!

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