today while walking back from school, a girl smiled at me. i was totally caught off guard for 2 reasons:

1) its really rare to actually get eye contact with some stranger on the road, let alone exchange smiles

2) i used to smile at strangers too, and i just cant remember when exactly i stopped doing that 😦

sigh, japan really brings out the antisocial in you.


Bye HJ’s :'(

hehe actually its not goodbye till next august. butttttt 😦
so hyejin got into Upenn (where another HJ is! 🙂 ) and hyunji got into UCL for their one year exchange programmes…………………….. TOO BITTERSWEET 😦

had crazy fun during geoinfo pracs today hahaha toyama park was so pretty! seriously admire japs for their landscaping. while waiting for the GPS maching to tick (seriously dono what it was doing it was measuring soimething but i just dono what) so we had 40 mins to kill AGAIN. last week was catching where i pulled a muscle and this week we had a classmate sing for us like a concert. i was quite surprised by his sporting-ness actually haha. too bad i didn have my phone with me cos so i only have mental pictures:) and they were having some exhibition on semiconductors in building 63 near the park so we all stopped by to get some free apple juice and popcorn lol.

frisbee tmr morning. i honestly wonder if i can wake up. lol thats such a telltale sign that im not gonna be able to wake up. no, BUT I MUST!!

ive decided i want to start a hobby. but i dono what yet. open to suggestions y’all. to the 3 or 4 of u who read my blog. HAHA sad case. but really when ppl ask me what my hobby is, all i can think about is watching tv or going online or something, because a hobby is what u like to do during ur free time right, and yeah thats what i do during my freetime. i don wanna be a slave to my pink laptop anymore. i wanna be passionate about something.

abrupt end to post.