sing a sad song and you turn it around

bad day today. skipped frisbee (yawn) and my lab partner pissed me off arffff i had him last term too and i remember i had a bad experience that time, too. hmmph. whatever

so like how i told katherine one of my little “pleasures of life” that id always wanted to do but nvr got to because of the hustle and bustle of the city (haha) and basically just lack of time, is to sorta take a break and withdraw from the city and go to a laidback cafe, get a drink (in my case caramel or matcha frap) and read a GOOD book (BTW I READ HITHHIKERS GUIDE TO GALAXY SU COS I REMEMBER U SAYING IT WAS A GOOD BOOK AND ALL BUT I WAS SOOO DISSATISFIED WITH THE ENDING!!! lol. pissed me off. didnt know it was a series haha) and just occasionally people watching and thinking bout random things, essentially some ALONE time i guess. so after the experiment i was in sucha foul mood i walked to starbucks near baba but IT WAS SOOO PACKED and UNlaidback sighhhhhhhhh and because i don like walking while drinking something expensive cos i feel like i cant enjoy it properly so i decided to skip the matcha frap too. sigh.

so i went for a therapeutic grocery shopping trip to asta instead.

oh and i found this during lunch:) ran away from some girls i usually have lunch with becuase YAWN BORING thought id find my chinese friends in the lounge but they werent there so i ate lunch in front of the com-__-

you must check this out
i especially love theleash its like some kinda fashion statement

cheered me up and genkified me for the second session of experiment but i guess i still wasnt good enough for my partner. ARGHHH !(#)%(*(@)*()#$ actually in hindsight it wasnt that bad la…………. i guess…….. and pms also………………………

listening to taylor swift. today was a fairy tale……. NOT