today 2 things moved me

#1 isamu noguchi. super interesting artist/architect/designer who specialises in natural materials (stone in particular) so so cool
the above picture is a childrens slide made from stone. i really wanna go to shikoku to check out his garden museum !!!!!!! thats going into my to do list next year

#2 Two Principles of Living – the principle of life or the princple of right and wrong

“many people have read abouit the two trees in Genesis 2 (tree of life and tree of knowledge of good and evil), but we would like to emphasize that the two trees were put there to show us that man, especially a Christian, can live on earth according to two different principles.
what is christianity? Christianity is life. Christianity is not a matter of asking whether osmething is right or wrong. Christianity is a matter of checking with the life inside us whenver we do something. Whenver we feel right inwardly, when we feel the life inside of us moving, we are strong within and sense the anointing, and we know that we have life. “

a friendly reminder to all of us who unconsciously slip into the life of the tree of knowledge of good and evil 🙂


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