i propose that we stop playing frisbee if the WIND IS FRIGGING 500 mph!!

WAT. A. COLD. DAY. i was wearing two layers of normal cotton shirts (yala yala quite stupid i know but hey, whats a Southeast Asian supposed to know about the temperature dropping like 10 degrees if the wind is blowing?! actually i dono if thats true but it certainly felt so) playing frisbee today. heck i cant really call it PLAYING it was just like running around for no reason because no one wants to pass to me (LOL) and also because i wanna run because i was afraid if i stopped i would freeze. and also FRISBEES ARENT MEANT TO FLY PROPERLY IN THE WIND (unless ure a real pro like some of my seniors but no not me). the last drill for the day was to do 10 consecutive side passes for each side and we managed to do the first side but the other side took like half an hour and in the end everybody was just relieved when my captain AKKO who reminds me of teng, said ok thats enough for today.


and in the morning i had another interview for a job to introduce malaysian culture to the jap kids. haha crossing my fingers i mean i gotta pray about it:) because hey, thats the only way itll work :):)

coming back home at 6 (someone commited suicide on the Yamanote line again causing an annoying delay)and making myself some awesome spaghetti bolognese (waaaayyy better than the last time which was kinda watery and tasteless, sean i remember u saying something about water from the meat when u explained the recipe and yeah A LOT OF WATER CAME OUT!! what is that lol. but i just sorta tried my best to strain as much as i could) so maybe thats why it tastes better this time.

after taking a REALLY HOT SHOWER im feeling much much better but REALLY SLEEPY and as usual ive done 0 studying today GOOD JOB SHENG T_T


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