i forgot that the purpose of the previous post was to post up pictures (000 p-alliteration) of HOOD haha so here they are: my newest hobby LOOKING AT FOOD

my recent boloognese success

reading too much of Ai’s food blog made me try english muffins

impromptu pisang goreng session back when AME was still around:(

stir fry potatoes with miso and gochujang eaten with MAYO! so yummy but calorie tappuri

my kimchi chigae might be mild looking but it was really quite spicy

elementary school lunch! i had it at the job training at 立川小学校 with some really cute kids. and seirously japanese customs are sooooo interesting. during lucnh time they will broadcast some cute kids voice reading out riddles about food. shell ask the riddle then wait for 20 seconds then reveal the answer. and during the 20 seconds i could hear the kids around me all guessing haha. then after 2 or 3 riddles theyll play AKB48 ie japanese pop idol girl band with 48 members no i didnt type wrongly FORTY EIGHT members haha

my dinner just now. PIMPED UP indomee with salmon vege and mushroom and my perfect egg:)


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