Summer Destination 2011

YABAI i just saw some crazy pictures of okinawa beaches on my netball friends flickr. i cant seem to upload them due to copyright issues but ive decided ive found my summer holiday destination πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

OKINAWA !!!!!!!!!!!



FARET Tachikawa

On Monday i wanted to make a daytrip somewhere because i din wanna rot in my 18metre square dorm room in which only about 9 metre square is mine haha so i was browsing through the art galleries in tokyo and i realised ALMOST ALL OF THEM CLOSE ON MONDAYS-___- so i was all grr and then i remembered that ive got some places which i wanted to go before spring hols back in february that i haven covered namely TACHIKAWA STREET ART woooo
basically there was some art festival in 1994 where about 109 artists from over 36 countries make their artistic marks all around this area called Faret Tachikawa near the tachikawa station. sasaki sensei brought it up during space design class and i thought it was soooooo cool and said to myself i MUST go check it out someday.
and steven saw my tweet so he offered to tag along too. hahhaha im glad he did because if i were alone i would probably give up the first half an hour and go home or something because some of the art were quite subtle. but the subtlety was the best part imo. beacuse that means normal everyday ppl who work around that area probably wouldn even notice it and some of the artpieces even have functions. most of them were θ»Šζ­’γ‚ ie barriers to stop cars from driving up the curbs and benches, ventilation towers etc but some were just there to look pretty and useless:) steven and i realised that if some weird looking thing is there for no reason its most probably art. hahaha and also the most fun part of it was actually hunting for it (we got a map for it but the art pieces themselves werent labelled so we had to sorta find them and judge for ourselves whether the piece matches the title it was given. and with out limited japanese it was actually quite stressful but all the more satisfying when u find it)
look, a giant basket just lying there!! singaporean artist

this was a dome made of bells by a thai artist. in the video my teacher showed me the guy was inside and knocking the bells and i REALLY WANTED TO GO INSIDE but there was no way in
😦 so we just had to look from afar
i put this on timer and a jap salaryman was walking towards us and the timing was so GIRI GIRI (just in time for the picture to snap before he photobombs it) and the best part was he couldnt see us from where he was walking so but when he suddenly did he did a little jump “SUMIMASEN SUMIMASEN” with a very guilty face hahahah sooo cute
“bar code bridge” we were walking under the bridge and thinking WHERE IS THE BARCODE WHERE IS THE BARCODE then steven said maybe its ON the bridge, when we got up NO NO BARCODE WHERE WHERE then he said UNLESS… and we took a closer look… i was kinda blown away for a moment there actually hahahha because seriously ppl who walk on the bridge everyday would NEVER be able to realise it was a BARCODE
this piece was called car-face
man in a briefcase by an american artist. the shadow cast by it is amazing

entitled animals of tachikawa-dog. made using useless metal scraps. i made sure steven took this at an angle as if the dog was looking at the camera but why am I the one not lookin gat the camera lols

this was also one of my favourite pieces. i cant remmeber where the artist was from but its a girl and she measured the average height family members (mother father children) of japan and the pink stones indicate the positions of head, heart and sex ie ur private parts haha
this was also one of my favourite pieces its a STAIRCASE TO NOWHERE!! and we didnt even see it at first cos we were busy looking at another artsy looking thing next to it but turns out that wasnt the art this was!! haha

more animals:)