(some) Highlights of my Spring Break 2011

its only when ihave something i need to get done urgently (in this case packing) that u would see me do 2 posts in a day. and something as elaborate as this so here goes

not enough time with u vanaa banana and *insert sen’s picture* SEN TOO:( hitomister


ultimate frisbee – my ultimate moving on sport


bonding SISTA:)

various catching-ups

bonding and /or overdose?? HAHA

new friends

all these plus family (no teng=no picture taking lols), ANNSTER<3, YF, L4D, pasar malam, random adventures, random efforts to lose weight, etc made up a pretty memorable spring break i would say

heres to a spring semester which hopefully will be as eventful and awesome as the past 2 months spent here in kl. except this time i wont be as emo i guess. cant wait to officially START my adventure in tokyo ^_^v


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