thank goodness its just an esquisse (draft) T_T but i wonder what my teacher will say about the MASSIVE slanting



frisbee camp tmr. if it werent for the crazy amount of workload these coming two weeks i might be less stressed. but whts the use of fretting over it if i cant do anything because im all the way in nagano? SO IM PLANNING TO ENJOY MYSELF!! EVEN THOUGH IM SO SCARED ILL BE LONELY ALL THE TIME BUT COME ON. IT CANT BE THAT BAD. >:O
しっかりします!アメの分も楽しんでくるからね~~fulfill ur mission >D
yabai. still a little bit dreading
blog when i come back! or maybe after tuesday i cant wait till tuesday cant wait till tuesday :D:D:D:D 😀 😀 😀 ❤


hahaha i like the randomness of this picture and LOL at ur tanlines!!
hope ure having a blast with family/friends/kenneth 🙂 LOVE YOU MUCH MUCH XOXO !! cheers to our 10 years of friendship and many many many more years to come! lets grow old together lollll

cant wait till the next time were in the same country again 🙂
is there a grammatical error in the above sentence? sounds kinda weird lol

just asking for it

the following logic problem was in my CONCEPT BUILDING AND DISCUSSION ENGLISH CLASS (which i love 😀 because !!! teehee):

Situation: One of Johnny’s dearest loved ones binds him to a chair, but Johnny is still happy.

Problem: Why is he bound to the chair?

our teacher split us up into teams and raced to see who could solve it first and one of my friend goes”これ、そういうプレーが好きっていうことじゃない?”
but i really enjoyed the following:
Situation: A man is lying awake in bed. He makes a phone call, says nothing, hangs up and goes to sleep.

Problem: Why can the man go to sleep?

Situation: There are a carrot and a pile of stones lying in the middle of the field.

Problem: Why are the carrot and the pile of stones lying there?

answers upon request

ipod food pictures = IFOODPICS

taking a leaf out of aixxx’s book and simply just to liven up my blog 😀 and also because food pictures rock

katsudon teisyoku @ ootoya YUMMERS this is one of my fav jap food. DEEP FRIED PORK CUTLET

briyani made using maggi instant spices

scrambled eggs on toast with milo for brunch. this was back when school hasn started and i still had time to be all oshare (fancy pancy) with my food

french toast! as u can see i only have one plate lols. and i bought it for only 20 yen yabai

okonomiyaki!!! ❤

melon pan who became the spotlight for one of my posts last year. the swirly thing beside it is cheese and black sesame roll thingy.

dinner tonight at MUJI
PS had a whole day of frisbee today but so nice to unwind with the girls 🙂 i remembered to put sunblock on my face like 3-4 times but i didn apply on my neck area ARGHHHH NOW ITS ALL RED AND UGLY PFFTTT
frisbee again tmr but this time AME will be coming with me 😀 yatta. (as in hiro from heroes) and next weekend ill have gasshuku and the weekend after that fuji for another gasshuku sorta thing with my schoalrship foundation thingamajingers
and the wekeend after that probably some SUPER frisbee practices because the weekend after THAT weekend will be JUNIOR CUP. then after that i can quit.
how am i gonna squeeze my space design projects (not to mention other assignments) in between all this i don really know myself.

ANTHEM じゃないですか

of all the things i believed in

i just wanna get it over with
tears form behind my eyes
but i do not cry
counting the days that pass me by
ive been searching deep down in my soul
words that im hearing are starting to get old
feels like im starting all over again
the last three years were just pretend
and i said
goodbye to you
goodbye to everything that i knew
you were the one i loved
the one thing that i tried to hold onto
i used to get lost in your eyes
and it seemed that i cant live a day without you
closing my eyes and u will chase my thoughts away
to a place that i am blinded by the light
but thats not right
goodbye to you
goodbye to everything that i knew
you were the one i loved
the one thing that i tried to hold onto
and it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time
i want whats yours and whats mine
i want you but im not giving in this time
goodbye to you
goodbye to everything that i knew
you were the one i loved
the one thing that i tried to hold onto
sucks to “classify” certain songs but honestly this just hits the nail on the head.

if i could have a Sickle for every fickle (decision)

takaosan during golden week.

sickle, knuts, galleons??

anyway i probably wont quit frisbee yet lol. even though my mind was SO made up on saturday that i was gonna quit after sunday’s beach ultimate. BUT BEACH ULTIMATE WAS SO MUCH FUN!! right ame?! although the wind was too strong and constantly beating on my face
but i just loved the smell of the ocean and the feel of the sand in between my toes even though during the game i was wearing socks. hahhaa weird i know but everybody does that here in japan. apparently its to minimize the impact or pain of stepping on little sharp stones/shells
i have a feeling this happiness might be shortlived though because normal practices resume tmr -_- which means waking up at 5.30am meh
but its either i quit now or i wait till junior cup is over (thats the 3rd weekend of june so about 5 more weeks of torturous practices and one weekend of stupid gasshuku ie we stay over one night somewhere and practise for 2 days and *fellowship*) (ON THE OTHER HAND 4th weekend of june HONGKONG HERE I COME)
but i think im strong enough to handle it i hope!! besides, i need my almost daily dose of exercise and waking up early cant be that bad if u consider the health benefits (thats if i can sleep early the previous night though-_-)
though i really hope ill be able to squeeze a lil bit of LIFE in between these ultra time consuming practices
PS todays date isnt affecting me the way i thought it would. a little sad, but i guess this is what moving on feels like.

happy teammates