first day of school

highlights of the day include:

#1 STATICALLY INDETERMINATE STRUCTURES. yoda sensei diving straight into the syllabus. -_- and tutorial on the same day too?
#2 brisk walking everywhere. many times i felt my legs were gonna cramp up but they didn so phew. solely beacuse i had to rush from engineering campus to main campus for 4th period, and take the bus back again for 5th period tutorials (as mentioned above) NOT FUN. NOT FUN AT ALL
#3 first SILS class. 4th period@ main campus. SILS is where amelia and hyun ji are from ie all their lectures are in english. i took intro to literature because there were only a few courses available for non-SILS students and also because i enjoy reading. so what did i do for my first university lecture conducted in english (besides ENGLISH lessons) ? we watched amanda byne’s shes the man. beacuse its adapted from shakespeare’s twelfth night. SO SO class but the teacher needs more confidence and a better accent -______-
#5 taking the train to the last stop ie HAIJIMA because i left the frisbee club first aid kit on the train yesterday. so i had to go there and reclaim it. haiya. took a total of 2 hours to get home.
#6 TSUKEMEN @ giant !! tsukemen FTW. actually im not sure what ftw stands for. for the world right? hahahha but TSUKEMENNNN 😀
#7 guess whos back?! hee a’s back!
listening to lazy song now. it rocks for days when one just wants to OTAKU in the room. but frisbee again tmr 😦 and this time hyunji isnt tagging along:(
on a sidenote NO MORE STEVE CARELL IN OFFICE?! :((((((

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