if i could have a Sickle for every fickle (decision)

takaosan during golden week.

sickle, knuts, galleons??

anyway i probably wont quit frisbee yet lol. even though my mind was SO made up on saturday that i was gonna quit after sunday’s beach ultimate. BUT BEACH ULTIMATE WAS SO MUCH FUN!! right ame?! although the wind was too strong and constantly beating on my face
but i just loved the smell of the ocean and the feel of the sand in between my toes even though during the game i was wearing socks. hahhaa weird i know but everybody does that here in japan. apparently its to minimize the impact or pain of stepping on little sharp stones/shells
i have a feeling this happiness might be shortlived though because normal practices resume tmr -_- which means waking up at 5.30am meh
but its either i quit now or i wait till junior cup is over (thats the 3rd weekend of june so about 5 more weeks of torturous practices and one weekend of stupid gasshuku ie we stay over one night somewhere and practise for 2 days and *fellowship*) (ON THE OTHER HAND 4th weekend of june HONGKONG HERE I COME)
but i think im strong enough to handle it i hope!! besides, i need my almost daily dose of exercise and waking up early cant be that bad if u consider the health benefits (thats if i can sleep early the previous night though-_-)
though i really hope ill be able to squeeze a lil bit of LIFE in between these ultra time consuming practices
PS todays date isnt affecting me the way i thought it would. a little sad, but i guess this is what moving on feels like.

happy teammates

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