tabemono is food! thought id occasionally make my blog educational 😉

fujisan kensyuu trip! they fed us tooo wellll hehehhe but no im not complaining 😀

BITTERSWEET WITH CHERMAINEPIE who came to visit last week! ( pressure lol and bittersweets decor was a bit tacky too (then again so was sweets paradise’s) and as u can see the lighting sucked

okonomiyaki! dejavu hahaha the lower picture was taken almost exactly a year ago hahaha same restaurant, different life experiences ^_^ V

yakiniku tonight with the IBT juniors ! 😀

finally got to try unadon with hyunji @ yoshinoya. was YUMMERS


side dishes and MOUCHAN (possibly future housemate:D)


salmon fried rice and strawberries!
u see why my diet doesnt work?! hahaha now i don even have frisbee as a calorie outlet :O yabai desu. although i strongly suspect that frisbee made my legs fatter from all the running

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