gosh im so tired. had such a long but nice (!!) day today 😀 english class and got a B for my bench (seriously, not complaining, but actually yeah i didn think one of the other students deserved an A because if hers did mine is def A+-_- but wadahell design is subjective which explains why things actually got kinda heated up when my lecturer criticised one of the guys benches and eventually called it kuso (shit) (although he probably wouldn have called it that if the student who made the bench didn act like shit because of the criticism, but yeah it was fun like watching a japanese drama) lol

then tsukemen dinner with hyunji ! in whcih i found a piece of hair )(#@Q*$()! but in return i got a new bowl of soup and 300 yen discount coupon
then came home and saw HYEJIN!!!!!!!!!! WAH WAH WAH I MISSED HER :(:(::(:(:( grrrrrrrrrrrr wish shed made her stay longer. and hopefully we can meet up tmr before i do some last min shopping for my shopaholic sister. wanted to at least attend 2nd period tmr but no time. seifor somore finals in a month?!?!! ()#*@)(!*@#)( this term is too short!! あり得ない!! being a sophomore is the besttttttttttt:(
i gotta compile a list of things to do after i come back from HK. and also DURING my time in hk becausethe remaining time i have left to complete my reports and prepare a presentation next week is TOTALLY YABAI. not to mention i realy wanna go to doma doma with the gang and philharmonic orchestraa

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