odd hour

best bento ever

i dragged kaei along and she even skipped english and vocab test for me!! hahaha ❤

you cant get some mr musashi

gosh im blogging at such an odd hour !! hahah its 5am and already bright outside-_- damn u land of the rising sun how to sleep now?! actualy can if i try hahahha cos im u know, a pig

anyway i went to a bento shop today to do some interview for my urban and regional studies report. part of a research about how small, local businesses are supporting the jap economy bla bla bla
i tried a tofu shop in the morning at first but altough the old grandma looked excited the man making the tofu seemed busy and kinda unwilling to do it so i got shot down.
so i wasnt really expecting much and was even considering failing that subject because seriously 2 reports due on thurs midnight 2 x 2000 words seriously can die. (but i realised 2000 JAPANESE words are actually quite manageable hahaha wooo)

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