lol SKIP

aww google, you’re too sweet

lol, i think the real meaning i was looking for is mineralization (??) STILL not sure PFFTTTTT about 20% of what im studying remain a mystery to me because i don understand the frigging language. lol

damn sleepy bahbye

but im not going to sleep also. stuck in building 22 now. the keyboards are frigging oily and disgusting but i dono why i only can concentrate here

sehee s here too

gosh so sleepy.

but i gotta finish this by tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! engineering geology open book test but i got no book to open also?! grr makes no sense. lol so we gotta do research on our own. but the TOPIC IS SO WIDE i didn know where to start. thank goodness for past year papers.

about time

ok so i DID jog
i have about 3 more past year papers left
SORTA DONE with engineering geo research
i did pay my bills and also my fees for climbing mt fuji
no i didn do grocery shopping cos all the supermarkets were closed already by the time i got back to tanashi


1) JOG (gotta make it short and sweet tmr)
2) finish up soil mechanics past year papers (TOP PRIORITY) (viedefrance again? for some reason i find that place SUPER conducive. must be the smell of my favourite thing in the world, bread fresh from the oven)
3) finish up engineering geo research
4) grocery shopping
5) PACK BAG AND SLEEP EARLY. no tardiness

haha basically the same list

party rockers in the house tonight!!

first of all

second of all (and also last of all?lol) SPACE DESIGN IS FINALLY OVAHHHH and we finished it with a spanking A !!: D:D:D
do u know how much lighter the burden on my shoulder just got (weird sentence structure?) ??do you! DO YOU?! ?
ACTUALLY NO FINALS START NEXT WEEK (officially this fri but english doesn count) COLD SWEAT but i need a break to chill before the storm pls.
and here is our masterpiece:) btw the task was to redesign the coutyard area of my engineering campus did i mention this already? haha quite lousy pictures though cos i took them with my ipod

lol stupid blinking eyes. and its so funny that u can hardly even see the model. only us models. gosh i love puns

litei my space design sistah. hahhaha thank God for her if not i wouldve suffocated in all the Japanese-ness

last camwhore picture
actually even though it was so taxing im really glad i took this class. learnt alot about urban space and living space things like how close can a stranger sit next to u on a bench that u wont feel weird and how tall should a railing be and the comfortable degree for a slope etc etc and ive also realised that im beginning to like observing and appreciating all the little details in urban space that i would normally take for granted. now im kinda looking forward to landscape design next semester!!


was kinda funny how i didn even realise that mr onodera was praising us hahhah coultn really catch up with his japanese and he frigging called us CHINESE ANGELS lOL!? so lame. and he was like I LOOK FORWARD TO UR NEXT MISSION BLERUGH@)(*#(*@&($* but still. and megumi was like “ATASHI CHINESE JYANEH KEDO” (IM NOT EVEN CHINESE !?) LOL so farneee

but THANK GOODNESS OUR EFFORTS PAID OFF. we seriously gambatta yo. gambarisugita kamoshirenai hahhaha (we put in SOO MUCH MORE EFFORT
THAN NECESSARY) thanks to hardworking megumi. me and ritei (chinese friend) were always like AIYO WTV LA with the foreign-student attitude haha but weeeeeeeeeeee
he said we need to take it to the next level next week. WADAFA PRESSURE. and it also means itll be a full weekend of scale model making again -______________-

we stayed till campus closing time ie 10.30 last night (not the first time) SOO tired physically and mentally and going a bit siaokiao
i was like “HAI TSUKARETA KAO” (tired face) and they were like NO NO NO then i said ok ill just ur tsukareta senaka (tired backs)

new target

im gonna sit for (AND PASS) the Japan Translation Federation (JLT) translation exam and Translator Qualifying Exam by the end of next year.

which means its finally time for me to get a grip on my japanese. i really don wanna waste my 4 years (plus plus?) here and leave with half past six japanese. and also, i frigging gotta improve my english lols i often wonder what my score would be if i took TOEFL now *shy
and i wanna brush up on my mandarin and at least get some proficiency cert for it. at this stage spanish is really just for fun lol
and civ engineering is just for kicks lol. kick in my ass really. -_-