this is why im fat

brace urselves for an extremely picture-filled post :> haha since ive been stingy with my posts lately ill just give it all to u guys all at once woohoo
food pictures in NO particular chronological order/order of yumminess

padthai! @ tinun with jean and acchan 🙂 twas only ok but the papaya salad ROCKS

homemade bread by ishiai shimai. hahahhaa so cute right doesn it remind u of a dog!! she started cutting it already when i told her i wanted to take a picture so she just left it like that hahah

maccha pudding with red bean paste made by her daughter !:)

hyunji, an avid fan of tinun dragged me back there a week after the pad thai picture above. this time i had meh cold tomyam ramen, wouldn recommend it . but the papaya salad is photographed here!! the plate in the middle

brain food. this is at viedefrance where i feel that my brain works at its full capacity. maybe because of the smell of freshly baked bread. taht day i had a vege curry bread and mango croissant. and i was studying soil mechanics

this was my HEAVY, CALORIE LOADED breakfast one morning when i woke up because of my hunger. lol i didn even know that was possible. but it happens in the sims if i remmber correctly hahah

sushi NOT AT sushiro! hahahha been a long time 🙂 nice catching up with ame

and i was back at viedefrance doing hydraulics. some mushroom burdock thing and MELONPAN!

this was on the same day as the viedefrance picture above. dark mocha frap and some eggplant curry chicken on toast for lunch. the most ironic thing was on the day BEFORE i actualy vowed to stop eating bread hahhahaha but … hahha but yah my heart is set now !! no more bread!! indefinitely. PS the heart is so cute right! 🙂

lol this is my tuna fried rice with egg and vege. i know la compared to previous pictures it looks like shit but it was quite tasty cos i used some ADABI nasi goreng sauce i brought all the way form kl haha

my fav chinese classmates! we were taking shelter from the rain outside some shop at shinokubo and were getting bored so nothing else to do besides camwhoring. haha this was our after exam face. although we didn do so well for the last paper cos we screwed up the same question cos we studied the same material hahaha
seriously, until now we don even know what castigliano’s theory is. apparently we were supposed to use that but we used pytaghoras’ oh wellll


after miso katsu for lunch we went for 5 hours of karaoke LOLS (it was sooo fun btw hahhah) and went to kin no kura for drinks and otsumami (side dishes) these are clams and takoyaki. we orderd WAY TOO MUCH that night hahhaa but what to do? after exams wat :>

haha random drunk face

tsukemen yesterday with ame and hyun after THEY finished their exams!!

these last few pictures were just taken today! hot out of the ipod touch. haha @ comme ca ism cafe for a last lunch with shosho before she goes home to china THEN goes to illinois for her one year of studying abroad. imma miss herrrr even though i only saw her once this term lol. haiyaaaa

lunch cost a bomb because the tart itself was 950 yen. BUT IT WAS SO YUMMY. and we sat at a table where we could see the pastry chefs making them so it was quite cool. u should see the WHOLE tart on this page jas maybe ull be interested!
i had a blackberry fromage blanc tart (the purplish pink one) hyunji had some berry chocolate tart and shosho had some fruit amandine (sp?) SOO OISHI
ok thats about all the food pictures i have for now. hope u enjoyed them
and btw, SUMMER BREAK IS OFFICIALLY ON!!!! stay tuned for posts about my (hopefully)adventurous things that i will undertake this summer baby!
not to self: get japan housing policy essay done by tonight and THEN i will be COMPLETELY FREEEEE
as sung by nelly furtado.
thats my after exam theme song
ok byeee!!

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