fireworks, fujisan, and I WANT THIS APARTMENT

so my legs still ache from my mt fuji adventure two days ago. IT WAS REALLY CRAZY. CRAZY TIRING, CRAZY COLD and CRAZY AWESOME (in hindsight) but also CRAZY SAD because we couldnt see the sunrise due to the massive fog at the top of the mountain 😦 although we sat there kinda freezing waiting for 2 hours for the sunrise ()#*)(!@*()$()@# so funny everyone was facing east at 4:50 am because the sun was due to rise at 5 and by 4:55 it was slowly getting brighter and brighter but NO SUNRISE and by 5 everyone was getting so anxious and at about 5:10 it was completely bright already :(:(:(:( SO SAD. the sunrise is the WHOLE POINT of the climb u know, usually thats the reason why ppl say that climbing mt fuji is the best experience theyve had in japan bla bla bla but i wont be able to say that D: and NO i don think ill ever climb it again. im not CRAZY

top of the world. CAN U SPOT THE ZOMBIE?! although we didn see the sunrise the sky and clouds were still AMAZING and on the way down we could hear thunder from far far away. sounded like a clap

but hey, u know i really HATE cold weather so i really had to wrap up ok
oh and i went to yokohama the other day for the first fireworks show of MY LIFE it was also SUCH A FRIGGING GOOD TIME and the fireworks were just SOOO beautiful and LONG hahhaha they had it for an hour!!! crazy. and we randomly chose a spot and it turned out to be probably one of the best spots to watch the fireworks from.

and i went to lionel’s place to check out his house last night. hes an engineering senior on exchange from UCL and he ll be going back this september so he was telling me all about his SUTEKI (AWESOME) apartment all through the fujisan trip (yeah, what a coincidence, i didn even know he was going and was quite surprised when i saw him on the bus. AND ALSO NATSUKO lol i was like NATSUKO ?! where are u going!! on the bus hahaha stupid redundant question)

i know my contract doesn end till next march but seriously, all my fav friends are moving out. and i could seriously use such a SPACIOUS and YABAI apartment and who knows what i might end up with when i move out in april. and its 10 mins walk from campus!! and also to the other direction its 10 mins to SHINJUKU STATION!!! GODS BLESSING DESUNE hontouni its on the 9th and 10th floor of a 10storey building so its basically a frigging PENTHOUSE (although the catch is that its a 40 year old building kinda scary because of earthquakes and stuff but lionel didn get hurt during the earthquake so it SHOULD be fine haha)
and i asked suling if she wants to be my housemate shes like HEY I WAS PLANNING TO MOVE OUT TOO and turns out the higashi shinjuku station which is one min walk away is on the same line as her unis station YABAKUNAI!?
although i really want to live with hyunji and im SURE shell love this apartment :(:( but actually its a bit far from waseda campus and she cant ride a bike so i cant really say. hahahah

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