i love life 2

some snippets from S-E-O-U-L
pyunghwa!! (peace) hyunjis dogggg

hisashiburino HYEJIN!! of course the first thing we do is EAT YANGNYUM CHICKEN and DRINK BEER. actualy no only hyejin had beer haha

hyun and her tall best freind beetna

namsangol hanok village (old korean style houses) where we got to try on cute hanboks!! (traditional costume) soooo fun and it was only like 250 yen. ??? yabai. as u can see the upper piece which i chose islonger than hyunji’s so it means my rank is higher than hers (natually HAHA)

so she was serving me toilet paper. LOLL?!?! dam random stupid hj. haha but the ajumma who offered to take our pictures for us were nice enough to entertain us

upward bow in hanbok. HAHA


my three fav koreans in their home turf! haha

chenggechon (some small famous stream) just a nice place to chill out

stopped by seoul national university for hyunjis cousins graduation ceremony

i cant believe ive been here for nearly a week already. and im leaving this friday:(:(:(:( what am i gonna do when i go backkk?!??! soooo lonelyyyy

been really nice staying with hyun and her family. theyre such a happy family her dads really funny and her mums the cutest ajumma ever. although the rule is that we cannot wake up later than 10am in her house. hahha but i broke that rule once when hyunji had to wake up early for french class but i just slept on till 12 😀 and every morning her mum prepares a really nice and healthy breakfast for us and weve been having FRIGGING AWESOME food eveeryday I LOVE TOPPOKIIII and there are so many attractive cafes here all around seoul and ppl seem to always be holding a drink or sth in their hands. weve been gettign around by buses and i tell u, theyre CRAZY. not reckless but they just slam their brakes and accelerators like theres no tmr and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT and my if im standing i just swing 5metres to the front (if im not holding onto the handrail maybe 10m) and if im sitting down the inertia is so strong that my body leans foward by 70 degrees. lOL most of the time i have to sleep if the bus ride is more than 15 mins long its really quite nauseating for non seoulites. gosh just thinking about it is makingme dizy lol. but transportation here is really cheap even taxis start from 200 yen and when we felt lazy we just flagged a taxi (cos theyre everwhere) and hopped in. they have subways too but not as crowded as in japan because their bus system is erally comprehensive (is that the rigth word?) and frequent and u don have to walk up and down the stairs to reach the metro so its much more convenient haha
hyun and i went for a hike at some fortress on a moutain which was quite cool. to access it we had to show our ID and passports because its in a military zone and there were soldiers standing along the path to make sure we’re not doing spy stuff like taking pictures/measurements to plan an attack haha but its quite a serious matter actually :p

and when we finished the 3hour hike we came out at sam something ro which is quite a nice place to hang out and hyun felt like eating korean noodles and while we were making our way to the famous restaurant we passed by a pizza cafe and i saidGOSH I FEEL LIKE EATING PIZZA so we went in and when we took our seats i saw rachel ma sitting at a table next to us. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT FREAKY COINCIDENCE. at first i was like, ok i think thats my friend. and hyunji said no i think theye speaking koeran but i thoguht the resemblance was just too much because she even dresses like rachel so i just said “rachel?” and she turned around and we were ike LOL WHAT ARE U DOIN GHERE hahha turns out shes on vacation here too with her college friend. sooooo NGAM

hyunji being such an undoubusoku (lack of exercise) weakling is now unconscious in her bed after the hike haha she was liek (SHENG U BETTER NOT WAKE ME UP) lol and im just lazing in her house thats why i even have time to write this post. haha actually quite kesian her la shes been forced to go out everyday because of me and although she and i were really eally tired this morning duing breakfast and we were sooo close to skiping the hike the mum was like (in korean) “NO sheng you rest wehn ure back in japan and hyunji u must show ur friend aroudn because shes a tourist” that she actually drove us all the way to the entrance of the hiking trail lol so cute right.

and ive been learning a few korean phrases here and there. also, my name in the korean pronunciation is im che jung. which i realy like ❤ haha

going to the waterpark tmr!! super excited!!

i can feel that my english is damn sucky now. shit.


3 thoughts on “i love life 2”

  1. OH the fortress thing is called the armistice line! they built it at the end of the korean war in 1953 😀 learnt it during my history a levels heehee

    ps i like how u said your rank is higher than your friend's NATUALLY lolol


  2. haha i didn mean it as a mean thing! because shes one year younger lol so naturally my rank is higher la

    and the fortress thing was quite cool! one of the trees there had like 6 bullet marks apparently it was from the assassination attempt of the south korean president by the northkorean spies :O


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