i love life 3

KOBE BIF (weirdly unfilling i was starving after abour 3 hours)


not kanasai! haha kansai is the what they call the western part of japan (kyoto, osaka) whereas tokyo is in kanto (the eastern part) haha just a random fact

actually not random at all, because im going there! TOMORROW! teehee by night bus. cos since my homestay trip got cancelled i decided to MAKE MY OWN HOMESTAY lol. just perfect timing because rayu is visiting japan right now and shes going to kansai tmr with her friend and i asked her if i could hop along and have a hitchhike holiday and she gladly said yes! wee haha
i just paid for my night bus ticket, but i dono when ill come back to tokyo yet
heres the tentative plan:
( but first kamakura tmr with kaei and jyunshis boyfriend lol! should be fun. ok anyway)
19/9/2011 NIGHT BUS TO KYOTO TMR departing @ 22:40
20/9/2011 maya, whos coincidentally staying in kyoto now for a short *self discovery* vacation nicely offered to show me around kyoto. not the major places but some minor temples deep inside the jungle apparently
-bunking with rayu and friend at hotel
21/9/2011 NARA DEER PARK!! with rayu. id been wanting to go there for the longest timeeeeeeeeee. although it seems as though its gonna rain on that day boooo and also pls pray that the typhoon wont hit kansai at that time T_T sooo many typhoons ………………..
-staying over at maya’s house WITHOUT HER AT HOME LOL because shes having her *self discovery* u see, so shes gonna be putting up at a temple hahahah. so i think itll just be her mum and i at her house LOLLLL WEIRD but good experience hopefully
22/9/2011 NO IDEA?? lol, my plans only went as far as wednesday. hahahha but either i go somewhere with maya again or go to osaka with rayu and friend. probably the latter. OKONOMIYAKIIIII
23/9/2011 STILL NO PLANS YET HAHA. free agent.
-either taking a bus back to tokyo or staying with maya @ a guest house for 2500 yen per night.
24/9/2011 ?????
LOL ok i *think* i should at least make up a more solid plan. kinda yabai.

some 2hour slots of my past few days

stranger than fiction – kinda melancholic but cool story and towards the end i had goosebumps about the wristwatch thing. worth a watch.

its complicated – meryl streep is so pretty. and i cant get the jack donaghy (sp?) out of alec baldwin lol… jack donaghy is the best. and steve martin was pretty charming in here. this is one of those movies which u should watch only when u have nothing important to do and no other interesting movies to watch and also when u don really feel like thinking. but still quite enjoyable.
ghost world – kinda has the napoleon dynamite vibe. and scarlett johanssen is NOT the lead character here lol
charlie bartlett (couldn finish it) – yawn. what else can i say i didn even finish it.
catch me if you can – now i know why pl talk about this movie lol. leonardo dicarprio has such a cheesy but handsome face.
sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 – loved the santorini scenes. and alexis bledel and the girl from pretty little liars can really pass as gorgeous greek sisters. the story was just meh. its kinda like a sentimental chick flick.
italian job – cool but forgettable.
becoming jane – james mcavoy! 🙂 and im bummed that they didn get together in the end.


theyre telling me NOW that they might postpone my homestay thing till december?! I COULDVE PLANNED OTHER THINGS LA ADUHHHH NOW I AM STUCK IN TOKYO ALONE for another 10 days. actually ill still be alone after 10 days. its just that ill be busier with school at least.

grrrrrrrrrrrr but oh wells. FUJIKYUU IKITAI KEDO NE.

FIRST TIME: swimming pools in japan

ok so i went swimming today. at the indoor pool @ koganei park. ALONE. haha seriously spending too much time with myself lately. overdose of myself haha

but the it was an ok experience. wasn so crowded but wasn empty enough for me to feel good about swimming for a long time. and hee a was gonna come by this evening to collect her box of books from my room too so in the end i only swam for about half an hour to 45 mins
i actualy thought public pools in japan are soo different from those back home but i realised actually ive nvr really been to a public pool in kl before. only at clubs/friends’ condos etc. but i can prob safely assume that its a little bit stricter here. i was swimming (very bad froggy style with my head up all the time cos i had no goggles lol jas!! haha) halfway then suddenly the lifeguard comes and tells me hey miss u cant wear a necklace. so i had to get out of the pool and put it in my locker-_-. i started swimming at about 4.40 then at 4.50 they announced it was “rest time” for them to sorta clean the pools and i dono what else they do but basically everyone had to get out and wait around for 10 mins-_- i went into the sauna for a bit but it wasn hot AT ALL
after 10 mins we could go in again.
oh and we had to wear swimming caps STOOPIDDD lol i rented a yucky one for 50 yen. if im gonna get serious about this ie swim more often from now on maybe i should invest in one. and also a pair of goggles haha soooo embarrassing ok and they had like THREE lifeguards paying full attention (i guarantee u wont find this in kl) the whole time
so i just swam about 10 laps haha and got out and got back just in time to see hee a and her mum and jongseok outside. turns out shes going back again with her mum this sunday T_T but dinner together tmr! yay

pap smear?

just looking through my old mail and i found a coupon for a free pap smear from the health insurance company. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think i should go since i have so much time now lol but so shy!! loll but i know its good for me and all hmmmm vana what do u think?! how are the procedures really like? need some advice from the future doctor. haha

and i lost my discount coupon for a facial boooo

a day in the life of a bummer

LOL ok fine i didn really bum today because i went to check out the apartment with suling and nobuchan this morning but seriously theres nothing to do?? ive watched so many movies because all the tv shows are on breaks except project runway. so far ive covered the hangover (lol, pretty hilarious), i love hongkong, 200 pounds beauty, becoming jane, you again, i even tried watching skins but its too explicit for me (just like true blood) all the nudity is too graphic and distracting t for a person to enjoy the storyline i think? and right now death at a funeral is playing in the background. guess its not interesting enough to keep me glued to the same tab hahahha…. boo internet tv. so i prob need to start a project or something. maybe tmr ill go swimming 😀 project get-fit sounds like a good idea

but i keep failing cos i just binged again haha. curse of newly bought bread lol. and i recently discovered that pompadour at livin sells really good bread (even though they ARE a bit pricey)
so the apartment was just as awesome as the last time i saw it, only less messy and a little more empty. hahaha but my excitement level went from 90 to about 35 after the visit. i was just super blinded by the size of the apartment i guess because there were a few problems ie there was no mosquito net and apparently according to suling the shelves were kinda mouldy and the ventilator in the kitchen is too small etc etc BUT STILL FOR THAT PRICE its STILL SUCH A GOOD DEAL but those minor problems weren the only thing. they had a policy that only allows tenants to settle a one year contract, well some other apartments also offer one year contracts but its about 90% guaranteed that if u have no major problems/friction with the landlord ull get to renew it after a year. but the agent tells me that with this apartment, there could be a possibility of not being able to renew the contract becuase of some circumstances (couldnt really understand lol) so theres def a risk in there. cos i wouldn wanna move again after a year. SOO MAFAN even now im super lazy hahhahah guess this isnt a mark of being an adult kaka. but i guess itd be perfect for me and mouchan? because susan and hj will come back this time next year … but haiyo so mafan. and also i gotta take into account the reikin and shikikin (some random deposits and “payment of thanks” ie sth like a tip to the realtor) that will surely cost a bomb and moving again next year would incur that BLARGH
and also my tanashi contract will not actually end till next feb so i can still stay here comfortably (WITH DIRT CHEAP RATES and AWESOME FACILITIES) but the only downside is i am almost 100% sure that i will not find such an awesome apartment again when i move out in feb.
and suling didn really seem convinced about the apartment either. oh well….
edit: yeap she just told me she doesn want to move in there LOL T_T
decisions, decisions.
i also had a weird dream just now. really vivid. and it also felt strange because in the dream i also woke up from a nap. so i actually woke up in my dream if u get what i mean. kinda scary because im all alone with no smallcutebuttakeslongbaths roommate around.
heres a pic from takaosan yesterday. went to dinner at hare’s dad’s chinese restaurant too the food was GREAT but we had to pay 2000 yen at the end of it which was a bit weird loll cos i kinda assumed it would be free but thats culture differences for u i guess.

they still haven told me where id be homestaying yet. BOO
results are out! better than i expected 😀 amelia we need to decide on some same classes to take next semester!! and guess what hee as back!! lol i saw her from the 2nd floor of starbucks today but when i saw her she was already leaving lol. soooo weird cos i wasnt fully sure whether it was her but hey i got a reply during my nap and YES SHES BACK gosh i kinda feel more emotionally secure now hahahahha
hahah oh and i finally finished reading catcher in the rye yesterday on the train. now everything kills me if u get what i mean. hahahha the writing style was really funny. but seriously the book really killed me.
now im reading breakfast at tiffany’s. ok quite shy for not having read all the classics haha but the reason im reading all the classic lits now is also because these are the sort of english novels they have in the waseda library haha