tsukiji market!

right after i came back from korea i had a plan to go to some lake near fujisan with my bible study aunties to watch the sunrise from the foot of fujisan (because i didn get to see it from the TOP pfft). was super tired and really wanted to gorogoro (bum around in the dorm) but i thought id probably have ALOT of time from now on to bum around cos i hardly have any plans for september hhaa so i just went
but because of typhoon warnings and stuff we decided it would be kinda stupid to go to the mountains so we went to tsukiji market for sushi instead!! then kappabashi near asakusa where they sell alot of kitchen tools&appliances and cute stuff mainly catering for ppl who want to open restaurants

a shop selling marbles and glass bottles and other knickknacks

this shop sells the food display models we always see in front of the restaurants here in japan…

…and they had a huge ass prawn sushi stool in front of the shop lols
oh also, i learnt that besides being famous for sushi and the fish market, tsukiji is also known for their tamago-yaki (japanese soft omelette) and at this famous shop they were calling out for a last volunteer to try making tamago yaki. the aunties were like heey! perfect timing, sheng teng u go! and i was in quite a touristy mood so i went ahead after a little convincing from aunties and also because its free and we get to keep the tamago yaki after that

and the volunteer before me was actually a msian too!! what are the odddsss and hes also an engineering student studying in chiba university but hes already a 4th year student. i dono whats his relationship with the japanese uncle in between us but the uncle was REALLY cute and quite talkative lols

and lastly, this was my breakfast, salmon and salmon roe (salmon OYAKO which literally means father and son because its salmon and salmon eggs get it? kinda sadistic actually) on a bed of egg and rice SOOOOOOO DELICIOUSSSSSSSS and only 1260 yen!!?!? although my bible study aunty paid teehee

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